These 3 Fresh Celeb Looks Will Make You Rethink Collared Dresses

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You know the look: a simple, sleeved top or dress with a stiff but pristine collar (either pointed or rounded). You've seen it on everyone from Wednesday Addams to Zooey Deschanel. It's a bit of a throwback, a nod to youth, perhaps, if you grew up donning school uniforms. It's very easy to wear. The collared dress takes away a lot of the fuss of planning a put-together outfit.

But the silhouette can feel, well, boring. And sure, it's a little prim. Luckily, there's a new wave of collars making the rounds through Tinseltown. They go a step beyond colorblocking, and they'll probably inspire you to reconsider the humble style. From blinding prints to embellishments that pop, check out (and be inspired by) three takes on the trend.
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The Floral Collar
Most collared dresses hone in on two colors, with a typically monochrome collar to contrast against either a print or other hue on the body of the piece. Tracee Ellis Ross flips this formula: Her collar sports an oversized floral, making it the stand-out part of the garment. The pattern seems to pour beyond the confines of the collar's angular cut, proving that it's totally cool (and encouraged) to color outside the lines.
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Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
The Camouflaged Collar
For those who are less keen on the collared look, try taking a page out of Brie Larson's style book. (Trust us: It's a good one.) Blink, and you might miss the super subtle buttoned-up neckline on her Gucci dress: The all-over herbarium and snake print is detailed with subtle black panelling that outline the dress' sharp collar and a belt.
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The Textured Collar
You've seen colorblocked collared-dresses like Lucy Hale's Alex Perry ensemble before. The crisp, white collar against black is pretty much textbook — especially familiar to those who typically like Wednesday Addams-inspired style. While the dusty-blue skirt adds another layer to the color-play (and also contributes to the silhouette's uniform-like feel), what's less expected is the floaty, textured organza fabric used throughout, which lends extra flair.