Peach Is The New Social App From The Makers Of Vine

If you’ve been seeing a lot of weird screenshots and emoji on Twitter today, you may be wondering why. All those people are referring to Peach, a new app from Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann.

ProductHunt has this great video of the onboarding process for Peach. It seems like they’re really learning from previous social networks to make the whole thing completely beautiful.

Although it’s just for iOS for now, it’s sure to move to different operating systems if and when it catches on. This handy video, below, explains what it does.


But perhaps the coolest feature is something Peach calls “magic words.” These are words that you can type that trigger certain functionality.

gif Search for a GIF
here Add current location
shout Say something with big words
draw Draw something
goodmorning Say good morning
goodnight Say good night
song Identify a song w/ your phone's microphone
rate Rate something 1-5 stars
battery Current charge %
weather Add current weather
move Add movement today (steps, miles, etc.)
events # of events today
safari Open browser to search for link
dice Roll the dice
time Add current time
date Add current date
movie Add movie
tv Add TV show
game Add video game
book Add book

There’s a lot more that it can do, but the story with social apps is that they grow and change quickly with the audience. We can’t wait to see what Peach does next.

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