Pixar Has Been Copying Classic Movies This Whole Time

Movies making reference to classic films that came before them is nothing new. It's why you were probably able to quote at least half of The Godfather before you ever saw it. But this video mashup proves that Pixar has re-created classic film scenes nearly shot-for-shot in almost every one of its films.

The most obvious examples may have been pointed out to you by your film-buff elders. The carpet pattern in Sid's house in Toy Story matches the carpet in The Shining. And Toy Story 2 clearly has a Star Wars moment. But there are tons of other parallels you may not have noticed, like the scene matchups between Ratatouille and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or between Up and The Goonies.

So, if anyone ever gives you a hard time for going to see a Pixar "kids' movie," just tell them you're brushing up on your film history. It's shorter than giving the "great movies transcend age categories" speech, anyway.

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