Patrick Dempsey's McDreamiest Moments In GIF Form

Photo: ABC/Photofest.
McDreamy is dead. Patrick Dempsey, however, is alive and well and — holy crap — about to turn 50 years old. Yes, Meredith, seriously. Clearly, he's actually a cyborg who's discovered some sort of Death Becomes Her-style anti-aging potion.

The actor's birthday is January 13, and to celebrate, we're remembering some of his finest moments as the dishiest doctor ever to touch a scalpel (sorry, McSteamy; it was close). Dr. Derek Shepherd was the kind of man who could make living in a trailer seem charming and studly. We forgave him for having a secret wife; we forgave him for temporarily choosing said wife over Meredith, then running off with the latter's panties in his pocket. Hell, we even forgave him for letting a pair of scissors near those luscious curls.

We're still working on forgiving Shonda Rhimes for cutting McDreamy's life short, but we'll always have our memories. We also have Bridget Jones' Baby to look forward to, so let's not try to shed too many tears. Happy birthday, big guy.
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This level of McDreaminess could not be sustained.
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All is forgiven, Derek. All is forgiven.
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You contemplating your Seamless lunch order.
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Be honest: You recite a version of this speech every time a friend gets dumped, on the off-chance you run into their ex.
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Totally how we feel about Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.
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Could you repeat that?
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Not above a fake laugh.
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Where is this bar and are there more like him?
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When your crush makes a move and you turn into a squirming schoolgirl.
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Every time Game of Thrones finishes a season.
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Pretty sure he's talking about us.
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Just what every lady wants to hear.
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Don't have to tell us twice.
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"You used to call me on your cell phone... "
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Us, thinking about McDreamy dying.