16 Times Nic Cage's Love Interest Was Way Out Of His League

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Hollywood loves an everyman. He's just like any average guy, except sometimes he wins the lottery, or snags a kiss from a vampire, or bursts into flames while riding his hog, realizing he's under the employ of the Devil himself. But no matter what sort of pickle he may find himself in, he's always sure to land an exceptionally beautiful female co-star. (Not that the movies treat men and women differently or anything.)

There is perhaps no average schmo more average or more convincingly a schmo than Nicolas Cage, who is celebrating 52 years among us on January 7. From alcoholics and criminals to Wall Street hot shots and mysterious strangers, there seems to be no manner of deeply flawed, utterly unremarkable men he hasn't embodied on-screen.

And yet somehow, he's managed to romance one gorgeous screen goddess after another, even when his wig looks like blowdried taxidermy. (It should be noted that this list could very well have been based on hair comparisons alone). Ahead, every time Cage's love interest was absurdly out of his league.

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Raising Arizona (1987)
Love Interest: Holly Hunter

Even crazier than Nic Cage's character managing to heist a living baby from a crib of quintuplets is the mustachioed ex-con landing a wife as beautiful as Holly Hunter. Maybe it's the sideburns? Only the Coen brothers know the answer to this one.
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Moonstruck (1987)
Love Interest: Cher

Not that Sonny Bono was exactly Fabio, but this is Cher we're talking about — prime raven-curled, high-cheekboned Cher. The moon is the only explanation.
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Vampire's Kiss (1989)
Love Interest: Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals, of Flashdance fame, plays a vampire who bestows a supernatural kiss on Cage's ordinary schlub, thereby making his life a lot less boring. Not only are her curly mane and dagger-shaped earrings worlds away his floppy mop and drab workwear, she's of a superior species.
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Wild at Heart (1990)
Love Interest: Laura Dern

Continuing on his quest to play opposite the most epic curls in Hollywood, Cage paired up with Laura Dern for this David Lynch flick about a blood-thirsty mom who's determined to kill her daughter's lover. Clearly, we're not the first to raise an eyebrow at this particular pairing.
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Zandalee (1991)
Love Interest: Erika Anderson

In this erotic thriller, Cage plays Johnny Collins, a painter who falls into a torrid affair with Zandalee (Erika Anderson), the wife of an old friend. Never mind that his wig actually has bangs and a mind of its own! Or that the betrayed husband is played by Judge Reinhold, who beat out Cage for the role of Brad in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, because he's kind of a Baldwin.
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Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)
Love Interest: Sarah Jessica Parker

Shacking up with James Caan in Hawaii or eloping with a mommy-obsessed Nic Cage in Vegas? This one is a real toss up.
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It Could Happen to You (1994)
Love Interests: Rosie Perez & Bridget Fonda

Whether this title refers to winning the lotto and splitting the dough with the waitress you handed the ticket as a tip, or to being caught in a love triangle with Rosie Perez and Bridget Fonda is anyone's guess. Some things only ever happen to Nicolas Cage.
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Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
Love Interest: Elisabeth Shue

Speaking of good fortune, who else but Cage could play an alcoholic who rolls up in Vegas with nothing only to fall in with a bombshell played by Elisabeth Shue? Granted, she's a prostitute whose company is for hire, and their bizarre romance doesn't exactly end well, but still.
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City of Angels (1998)
Love Interest: Meg Ryan

He may play an angel, but after Meg Ryan's on-screen romances with charmers like Tom Hanks and Kevin Kline, Cage doesn't exactly feel like a celestial ascension.
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The Family Man (2000)
Love Interest: Téa Leoni

Slick and smarmy investment broker Jack Campbell gets transported from his unwed life of career success into an alternate reality where he's married to his college girlfriend, played by Téa Leoni. The shock on his face when he wakes up in her bed could not be more appropriate.
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Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001)
Love Interest: Penélope Cruz

Even Cage's questionable Italian accent doesn't deter Penélope Cruz's character from falling for his everyman wiles. Penélope Cruz, people! Penélope. Cruz.
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National Treasure (2004)
Love Interest: Diane Kruger

In 2004, a breakout year for Diane Kruger, the German-born actress also played the most beautiful woman in the history of the world, Helen of Troy. Pairing up with Nicolas Cage was just a natural next step from there.
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Lord of War (2005)
Love Interest: Bridget Moynahan

An international arms dealer hoodwinks Bridget Moynahan's character into thinking he's a normal, stand-up fella deserving of her affection. Girl just cannot seem to catch a break in the trustworthy-romance department.
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Ghost Rider (2007)
Love Interest: Eva Mendez

Stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze (Cage) and local news reporter Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendez) were childhood sweethearts. When they reconnect as adults, she's all about him EVEN AFTER he reveals that he is, in fact, a bounty hunter for the Devil.
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Seeking Justice (2011)
Love Interest: January Jones

Let's just say, Nic Cage is no Don Draper.
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Trespass (2011)
Love Interest: Nicole Kidman

A diamond dealer and his wife are taken hostage in their home by thieves demanding the couple's loot. If Nicole Kidman could raise her own eyebrow at this pairing, I bet she would.