8 Instagram Trends That Need To Retire In 2016

Does scrolling through your Instagram feed feel like an endless stream of copycat images? Oh, another untouched latte on a marble surface? Oh, you’re blocking your face with a quirky object again?

We love a pretty picture just as much as the next person, but there are some tired social media snaps we’d be pretty stoked to see go away in lieu of more original concepts. We’ve rounded up eight shots that, sorry to say, have had their 15 minutes of fame. We get it — some of these are tough to avoid — but we think we all can do without seeing another overhead brunch tableau, right?

Let's aim for a more creative and original 2016. In the meantime, here are the Instagram trends that need to be retired.
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Photo: Via @everlane.
The Face-Block Shot
Obstructing your face with a quirky object? Sure, it seems innocent and cute at first. But, after seeing this shot all up on Instagram this year (with items ranging from plants to fruit), we want nothing more than to block our own faces from ever seeing one of these pics again.
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Photo: Via @infatuation_sf.
The Overhead Brunch Shot
We get it — you love brunch. We all love brunch, but that doesn't mean we need a gaggle of plate pics clogging the feed. You've seen one eggs Benedict, you've seen them all.
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Photo: Via @aleksandrazee.
The Disheveled Bed Shot
Ah, the disheveled bed shot. We don't have anything against messy sleeping spots — we just get a little sick of seeing 'em online.
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Photo: via mr.essentalist.
The Latte Shot
Guys, can we pretty please ditch the latte art snap in 2016?
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Photo: Via@ triwaworld.
The Organized Items Shot
We like organization, we really do. But do we need to see every item you own styled to a T? Nope.
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Photo: Via @FromwhereIstand.
The From Where I Stand Shot
Sorry, but the cute shoes and tile floor shot has seen better days — get to steppin'.
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Photo: Via @bananarepublic.
The Interesting Wall Shot
A pretty backdrop is always a must, but we'll be honest, the bright (ahem, #thatpinkwall) or patterned wall needs a little break.
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Photo: Via @romeromarquezjr.
The Airplane Wing Shot
We all know how this one goes — insert plane emoji with airport names in the caption. Another pic of airplane wings and clouds? We'll pass.