Michelle Phan, Ingrid Nilsen, & More Predict The Next Big Thing In Beauty

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If you've been watching YouTube makeup videos for as long as I have, you're likely always looking for new talent to fill your subscription box. It's not that you're tired of your favorite vloggers, but when your YouTube obsession reaches its peak, it's pretty easy to sail through all the new videos in your feed in just a few hours. You need to feed the fire.

Still, with the hundreds (even thousands) of beauty vloggers on the site, it can be tough to figure out which ones are really going to deliver. So we asked six OG YouTubers who they think is going to be the next big thing and why. We hope you're ready, because you're about to have a lot to binge-watch.
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Raye Boyce of ItsMyRayeRaye recently hit 1 million subscribers, and we can't say we're surprised. We love watching her colorful, creative tutorials and must admit that we've bought more than one (read: dozens) of her lip color recommendations.
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Raye's Pick: MonicaStyleMuse
So, for my top pick I’ve chosen a girl who goes by the name MonicaStyleMuse. Her real name is Monica Veloz, and I think she is someone who is on the rise and has a great channel and content. I think she deserves the spotlight because of her hard work and dedication. You can see how much her channel has evolved and gotten better over time. It’s also pretty cool that she wants to empower women of color to be comfortable in the skin they’re in no matter what skin tone or ethnicity. She’s also from the East Coast like me, which I love! I think her positive, upbeat attitude will get her far and I believe she deserves more recognition." — Raye Boyce
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Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid Nilsen is hands down one of the kindest souls on YouTube. Not only do we (and her 3 million other subscribers) laugh and cry along while watching her 5MWU (five minutes with us) vlogs, but she's also doing a series of DIY videos this month that are definitely getting us in the holiday spirit.
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Ingrid's Pick: Hayley Williams
"Hayley's videos are really fun to watch, creative, and I feel like the projects that she does are totally doable! She's also just a really cool person to hang out with, very easygoing, and really energetic. She lights up a conversation. I also love that she has an opinion and isn't afraid to express it." — Ingrid Nilsen
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Claire Marshall
It's no wonder over 800,000 people are dedicated to watching Claire Marshall — she always tells it like it is. From her monthly beauty reviews to her tightly edited vlogs, there's something for everyone. (Seriously, this girl can even make the torturous act of moving apartments so interesting.)
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Claire's Pick: The Michalaks
"[The Michalaks are] definitely a family who puts a lot of effort into their content. Not only do they produce aesthetically pleasing content but they also seem genuine and real. They talk about real things and give insight into raising a family that I enjoy tuning into. I admire anyone who is willing to open up their lives like that to complete strangers." — Claire Marshall
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Lauren Curtis
If you're looking for some serious makeup inspiration and artistry, look no further than Lauren Curtis. We have no idea how she comes up with so many enviable looks, but whatever she's doing is clearly working — she's gathered over 3 million subscribers along the way.
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Lauren's Pick: Sammy Robinson
"I'm enjoying Sammy Robinson's channel at the moment. Not only is she a Gigi Hadid lookalike, but she comes across as a really natural and fun-loving Aussie girl. Check out her channel for beauty tutorials, fashion hauls, and cute follow-me-around vlogs with her friends." — Lauren Curtis
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Nicole Guerriero
We think Nicole Guerriero's 2 million subscribers would agree with us when we say that Nicole is the queen of glam. Her eyeshadow looks are the stuff of dreams: metallic, intense, and expertly blended? And her highlight? It's pretty much always poppin'.
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Nicole's Pick: Nicol Concilio
"My favorite up-and-coming beauty vlogger is currently Nicol (no e) Concilio. Nicole has amazing makeup tutorials on YouTube and tons of mini clips on her Instagram. Her videos are fun and easy to follow. She's a little goofy (in the best way possible) and just herself, which is what I look for when watching YouTube videos. She does tons of different looks, from high-end to drugstore, nude lips to dark lips, so there's something for everyone. She's got a great following on Instagram, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her YouTube channel. #girlpower" — Nicole Guerriero
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Michelle Phan
In 2007, Michelle Phan started her YouTube channel with nothing but a MacBook camera and a free editing program. Now, 8 million subscribers later, she's expanded her long list of accolades to include a book, a monthly beauty-box service, a makeup line, and studio space for content creators. Recently, we've seen a slew of incredible content come out of her channel, including whimsical makeup looks and even collaborations with other YouTubers.
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Michelle's Pick: IamKarenO
"There are actually a lot that I love. I can’t list all of them out, but one that I think will inspire you is IamKarenO. She’s a beauty and fashion influencer that has incredible fashion sense. She does very beautiful makeup looks that are simple — that anyone can apply. Her editing is amazing, even for me. I love how she edits." — Michelle Phan
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