10 Childhood Movie Goals You Still Aspire To

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX Shutterstock.
Finishing a movie as a kid usually meant walking away with a brand-new set of life goals. When you got older, you were going to get your Hogwarts letter. And you were going to find a passage to Narnia. And you were definitely finding yourself a gremlin (one of the cute, pre-evil ones).

But just because you've (mostly) given up on being transported to a magical world doesn't mean your entire childhood film-inspired to-do list is off the table. There are moments from your favorite throwback films that still look very appealing, and sort of attainable — the kind of '90s fantasies that involved fancy real estate and futuristic technology. Or the perfect pet, or most Instagram-worthy meal.

So, don't be afraid to let a holiday movie marathon with your little cousins inspire a few of your 2016 goals.
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Own an apartment large enough to fit a trampoline, like Josh has in Big (1988).

The most exciting element of fantasy in this movie is not a child magically becoming an adult overnight. It's someone immediately landing a well-paying job and an amazing apartment as soon as they get to NYC.
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Eat your very own cheese pizza alone — in a limo — like Kevin does in Home Alone 2 (1992).

This is not actually a dream that you couldn't make a reality as an adult. It's more like a recurring fantasy you have when you're crammed into a crowded subway car gnawing on a stale granola bar.
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Own Shadow from Homeward Bound (1993).

To be clear, I mean the actual, fictional, most courageous and loyal dog of all time.
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Have an in-home fast-food place like Richie has in Richie Rich (1994).

Because sometimes that Seamless order just doesn't come fast enough.
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Be propelled off the blob like the campers in Heavyweights (1995).

True, as an adult and reader of the internet, you have a larger store of horror stories about jumping into large bodies of water, but look at the air these guys get!
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Have a flock of pet geese, like Amy's in Fly Away Home (1996).

Practical? No. A completely unique bit of Instagram currency? Absolutely.
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Own a smoothie delivery system like the kids have in Smart House (1999).

Minus, of course, the slightly homicidal AI system that comes with it. If we can get the FaceTime from Zenon, there's no reason PAT technology can't be available when you're ready to start paying a mortgage.
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Work somewhere as beautiful as the campus from 10 Things I Hate About You (1999).

Yes, the goal has shifted a little since you dreamed of being a student at this public school palace, but you could still take over the job of guidance counselor (and still have time to work on your erotic novel.
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Own a beach house like Sydney's in Rip Girls (2000).

At least 50% of all kids in Disney Channel movies live beach-adjacent, making it seem like they're on summer break all the time. Even with our school days behind us, that vibe is super appealing.
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Own a house with a tower, sliding trap door, and a fireman's pole like Mia's digs in The Princess Diaries (2001).

Princess Mia could have been on MTV Cribs even before she found out about her royal lineage.