Drumroll Please: The Top 10 Viral Animal Videos Of 2015

Photo: David Fleetham/Bluegreen/REX Shutterstock.
Admit it. You've gotten sidetracked during the workday by a viral animal video at last once over the last 12 months. (We certainly have.) From cats leaping in fright when they notice a nearby cucumber to the bear that just wants to be buddies with a Swedish guy — and gets brutally rebuffed — there were some real gems to behold.

So many, in fact, that we're not sure how National Geographic managed to zero in on the top 10. And yet, somehow they nailed it. So, prepare yourself to spend another 20 minutes of 2015 ogling animal videos and sharing them with your coworkers. You'll be glad you did. (Trust us: They will be, too.) Without further ado...
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Cats freaking out over cucumbers.
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Great white sharks surrounding paddleboarders.
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What appears to be the biggest great white shark, EVER.
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When a mother owl takes on a snake.
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A freed circus lion feels grass beneath his paws for the first time in years.
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A mama bunny successfully defends her baby against a snake.
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The Swedish man who scares off a bear in the snowy woods.
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The first-ever "glowing" sea turtle.
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The octopus that took off with a coconut.
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A genet hitches a ride on a rhino.