These Are The Best Places To Work, According To Glassdoor

Thinking about a job switch? Career website Glassdoor just released its list of the best places to work in 2016, and it might inspire your search.

The list is based on Glassdoor's anonymous employee-rating system, and it takes into account workplace culture, benefits, and career opportunities. Companies are assigned an overall ranking, and at the end of each year, the site publishes its top-50 list.

This year, the number-one spot went to Airbnb, making its first appearance on the list. The company recieved an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, with a 98% approval rating for the CEO. A whopping 95% of employees who rated the company also said they'd recommend working there to a friend. And it's not hard to imagine why: The company offers insane benefits, such as generous vacation plans, free lunch and breakfast daily, and 100% coverage of childcare costs for single employees.

The company also boasts a relatively good ratio of male to female employees when compared to other tech start-ups. Its ethnic diversity numbers, however, put it on par with other tech companies (meaning not so good). However, as it annouced in October, Airbnb is also committed to increasing diversity numbers company-wide.

While Airbnb takes home first place, tech giant Google slipped this year to eighth (though it still boasts an overall rating of 4.3 out of five). Another surprise on the list? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon Church) ranks at 22, making it the only religious organization to appear in the top 50.

Ahead, the top 10 best places to work in 2016 — including links to who's hiring.

Click here to see the full list of Glassdoor's Best Places To Work In 2016.

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Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb
1. Airbnb

“Amazing people, vibrant workplace, and an unbeatable culture that is real and not just something posted on a wall/website. I literally could not ask for a better work experience. Also, pay, insurance, perks, food, parties, and growth opportunities are top notch.”
Airbnb employee (San Francisco, CA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Bain & Company.
2. Bain & Company

“Incredibly supportive culture with an incredible focus on learning and mentoring. Highly intelligent, down-to-earth and fun people. Focused on making a real impact for our clients.”
Bain & Company associate consultant (Boston, MA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Guidewire.
3. Guidewire

“Guidewire hits the sweet spot between ‘startup culture’ and ‘big corporate culture.’ There is the small company vibe, wherein you can talk to everyone and get things done. And there is enough room for flexibility in processes for individuals and teams to choose what works best for them, while having the support of the larger organization.”
Guidewire employee (Foster City, CA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Hubspot.
4. Hubspot

“Leadership places a heavy emphasis on employee growth across all divisions, from tuition reimbursement to offering opportunities to take on challenges outside your core responsibilities. Transparent culture from top to bottom. Management actually listens to employees, and makes quick changes to structure if/when needed.”
Hubspot employee (Boston, MA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
5. Facebook

“The culture is really amazing and in my opinion even better than the media portrays it. The perks are wonderful, but the professional experience is even better! I feel the energy everyday working here.”
Facebook product specialist (Menlo Park, CA)

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Photo: Courtesy of of LinkedIn.
6. LinkedIn

“Our culture is about transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor, and of course results. This culture drives everything we do and is supported by the company's core values that every employee knows and lives each day. Our values are grounded in our members who come first always.”
LinkedIn senior manager (San Francisco, CA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Boston Consulting Group.
7. Boston Consulting Group

“The work is intellectually intense and challenging. Smart colleagues, great teams, excellent culture and some terrific clients.”
Boston Consulting Group project leader (Boston, MA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Google.
8. Google

“Everyone works together to achieve big and have fun while doing it. The perks are unbelievable (food, massage, gyms, discounts, etc.) but the best part is being surrounded by such amazing talent. It's truly inspiring.”
Google interaction designer (Mountain View, CA)

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Photo: Courtesy of Nestlé Purina PetCare.
9. Nestlé Purina PetCare

“People-oriented company. Heavy investment in employees and endless opportunities. Strong work-life balance and a culture that stresses open communication.”
Nestlé Purina PetCare audit manager (Saint Louis, MO)

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Photo: Courtesy of Zillow.
10. Zillow

“The views are amazing, the free food/snacks/drinks are great, and the benefits are great. I'm surrounded by smart people, and am constantly learning. Little red-tape and no business politics allow for us to immediately benefit the company and have a huge impact.”
Zillow data scientist (Seattle, WA)

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