The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Great Beauty Gift

Makeup artist Dick Page isn't just revered for his ability to create magic with a makeup brush — he's also known, industry-wide, for having impeccable taste. So with the holiday season fast approaching, we tagged along with the Shiseido artistic director on a recent shopping trip to Bloomingdale's to find out what he has planned for the lucky recipients on his list this year.

Noticeably absent? A makeup consult. "I keep that for weddings," he says. (Can. You. Imagine?!) Instead, find the nine other gifts he's picking up this year — and get ready to steal them for yourself. We mean others.
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"For my father-in-law, [I would get] the Oud by Acqua di Parma. I bought that years ago for myself in Venice, when we were on vacation before it was available here [in the United States]. I love the smell of that; it's that soft, woody thing that's sort of subtle."

Acqua di Parma
Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne, $220, available at Bloomingdale's.
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"This is for my crazy niece who loves her makeup. The last time she visited New York, she was really big on gold; she wears a ton of gold around the eyes. I'd prob use that wet on the lid and use the black in the eyebrow."

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Vinyl, $33, available at Shiseido.
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"I would pair [the palette] with a heavy red lip... With makeup, people have a generally good idea of what they like and want. So for gifts, give them a little push. If you know the general direction people are in, push them brighter or darker and [give them] something they wouldn't necessarily go for themselves. Not to wear all the time, but it's good to throw in the mix as an accessory."

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Dragon, $25, available at Shiseido.
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"This is for my sister-in-law because she lives in South Carolina. Her hair isn't frizzy, but once things get humid, little hairs start popping up."

Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray, $27, available at R+Co.
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"I'd also get her the Blow Out Balm. The packaging is kind of fun, but it's not flashier than it needs to be and it seems to work. You trust the people you work with, and this is good stuff."

Park Ave Blow Out Balm, $28, available at R+Co.
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"I would buy this for any of my sad New Yorker friends who don't have fireplaces and wish they did. I know plenty of people who want a fireplace and don't have one. I love that it's seasonal and sort of festive, but not in-your-face."

Diptyque Feu de Bois Scented Candle, $60, available at Diptyque Paris.
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"And then for Helen, [my husband] James' mom, I would get one of the Narciso fragrances — the original one. I like that it is sweet enough, but has richness."

Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum, $113, available at Bloomingdale's.
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"This might be for my brother-in-law. The trick to giving skin care to older men is: Will they use it? I don't know. But this scrubbing thing is kind of amazing, because you use less than the size of a quarter and you can do your whole head and body (and the car!). You get a lot of cleansing out of that."

Shiseido Men Deep Cleansing Scrub, $25, available at Shiseido.
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"I would get this for Hiroko Ozeki, who works with me [at Shiseido] in Tokyo. She sometimes puts up with me in Paris. That [candle] is based on the smell of the original [Diptyque] boutique, which is the idea of the composite of all the different fragrances."

34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle, $80, available at Diptyque Paris.
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