10 Most Popular Instagrams Of 2015

Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records
Instagram is the most personal of all the social networks. Fans flock to their favorites' pages to follow what's going on in their insanely curated lives. Glamour brought together the top 10 most-liked Instagrams of the year — and it's no surprise to see multiple appearances by Taylor Swift and the youngest members of the Jenner clan.

But were the most-liked Instas a BTS shot at the Victoria's Secret fashion show? One of the 1989 tour's many, many surprise celebrity guests? Spoiler: Cats are often involved. Also, floral arrangements. And a hot DJ without his shirt on. People, we applaud your taste.
Count down the top celeb snaps of the year with us and let us know if you double-tapped on any of these shots.
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10. Kendall Jenner garnered 2.2 million likes for this sideways shot celebrating 20 millions followers (but since this post is so nine months ago, she's more than doubled that number, going into the end of the year with 43 million followers).
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9. Taylor Swift landed 2.2 million likes for this silly snap of her cat putting her head on her while she slept, captioning it "I woke up like thissss (With a cat on me)." That cat is a total puppet.
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8. "My fav sweat shirt ☺️?" is how Selena Gomez captioned this passenger-seat selfie that got 2.3 million likes, because who doesn't like sweatshirts?
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7. Continuing her reign as Queen Cat Lady of Insta, Taylor racks up 2.3 million likes for meerkating with Meredith Gray.
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Photo: @beyonce
6. Speaking of queens, Bey just stopped in to remind y'all that she's still holding the crown. This photo garnered 2.3 million likes, which probably has as much to do with Blue Ivy's feisty expression as Beyoncé's gorgeous look.
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5. "I love my mom for doing this. Thank you for making this experience as normal as possible for me. Yay? I graduated :)" Kylie's mom threw her a surprise graduation party at the end of the school year and we celebrated with the Lip Kit creator by liking the photo 2.3 million times.
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4. Again with the cats! Taylor and Meredith got 2.4 million double-taps on this one.
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3. This 'gram has everything — a summer day on the ocean, a piggyback ride from a shirtless Calvin Harris — what more can you ask for? 2.5 million likes for Tayvin.
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2. And in her final appearance on the list (five out of 10, not bad Taylor, not bad), Taylor shows off an enormous wedding cake-like floral arrangement from Kanye West. KanTay2020? Probably not, but it's a sweet gesture and 2.6 million double-tapped to agree.
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1. With absolutely zero surprise, we report that Kendall Jenner's hair art was the most liked Instagram post of 2015. Sorry Kim, your reign is over. All hail queen Kendall. Until next year!