11 Batshit Crazy Pop Culture-Themed Holiday Light Displays

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema.
People are busy these days. And there are only so many times a year when it's perfectly acceptable to turn your entire home into brilliant proof of your artistic talent. Naturally, this means some folks need to multitask — celebrating the holidays AND their favorite music, movies, TV shows, or video games with their elaborate holiday light displays. And when they do, the rest of us get to bask in the delightfully incongruous spectacles they create...as long as we don't have to live next to these people.

A very Slayer Christmas? Hell, yeah! Star Wars battleships to celebrate peace on Earth? Of course! And what's a good family-friendly holiday missive if it's not synced up to LMFAO or Skrillex? We have here a collection of the craziest and borderline inappropriate pop-themed holiday displays of recent years. Chime in if you've got examples from this year to share!
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Slayer Bob's Annual Metal Lights (2009)
We've been digging this SoCal resident's unapologetic displays since 2009. His 2011 and 2013 efforts are also worth a look — just keep any epileptics out of the room. Best of all is Bob's commentary on each video: "THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONTHS PREPARING THIS, MY WIFE HATES ME, AND I HAVE A FEW MORE GREY HAIRS..HOPE IT WORKS." We appreciate your sacrifice, dude.
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Angry Birds (2011)
The best thing about this giant video-game reenactment is that you know these people finally beat their iPhone game addiction, so they finally had to go out and play in the real world.
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Image: Via Imgur.
Star Trek Enterprise (2011)
What does boldly going where no man has gone before have to do with Christmas? Someone probably has a rationale. This display is actually part of the Festival of Lights in East Peoria, IL, which features all sorts of elaborate works like this that people work on for 11 months out of the year. Road trip!
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"Sexy & I Know It" (2011)
Those LMFAO-singing jack-o'-lantern Santas are sure to cause nightmares in anyone under the age of 10 or over the age of 50.
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Skrillex New Year's Remix (2012)
Nothing like starting off the New Year with a dubstep-induced headache. These folks also offer detailed instructions on how to reproduce this outside your own home.
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"Gangnam Style" (2012)
It was very considerate of these die-hard Psy fans to provide designated squares in which passersby can perform their best Gangnam steps. Their neighbors might not agree.
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Star Wars (2103)
Thanks to TV marathons, we've associated the franchise with Christmas since long before this year's Force Awakens hype, so this display makes a little bit of sense. What we don't quite get is the choice of random Yoda quotes.
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"Let It Go" (2014)
This homeowner explains on YouTube that the cactus is a traditional, immovable part of their annual display, so don't go laughing at its presence in the middle of all this Frozen magic. Or do.
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The Army Of Inflatables (2014)
Perhaps it's the accompanying music (we assume not the homeowner's choice) or the precise placement of each character, but it really looks like this is a homegrown militia coming to get us. We hope Olaf can serve as a diplomat and resolve whatever conflict started all this.
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Meghan Trainor, et al (2014)
Okay, we actually really like this one. The choreography is amazing, the music is upbeat, and we truly want to party with these people. Consider us convinced: Pop music and Christmas lights belong together.
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Image: Via Imgur.
Star Wars Tie-Fighter (2015)
Uh-oh, guys. If the Imperial army is occupying people's front lawns, do we still get Christmas? (Geekiest thought we've had all year, hands down.)