See Videos Of New Year's Eve Being Celebrated Around The World

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The clock has begun striking midnight around the world! Celebrations have happened in a number of cities in distant time zones at this point, from Hong Kong to London.

Every country has their own unique customs. And yet many countries share in similar festivities. There's glitter, fireworks, party dresses, massive crowds, and midnight kisses to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. But partaking in global celebration reminds us that we're all connected, no matter how many time zones separate us.
The amazing firework displays, captured here, to usher in 2016 will get you pumped. Let these celebratory videos fill you with happiness as we countdown to the switch to a new year in your city. Feel the connection!
Click on to see how people around the globe are ringing in 2016.
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Auckland, New Zealand

A barrage of fireworks are emitted from Auckland's Sky Tower to celebrate the beginning 2016. The fireworks show lights up the entire city. The five minute-long show features 2,500 fireworks, according to the Australian website Stuff.
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Sydney, Australia

Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks shows are always amazing, and this year's was no different. With the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in the background, the sky lit up with celebratory fireworks. The 15-minute show included music like Uptown Funk and Hold Back the River, and celebrated aboriginal culture.
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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong's tourism board put on another spectacular fireworks display in the country's Victoria Harbour. The lights rose above the water, creating an epic view for those on the Victoria Harbour cruise.
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Beijing, China

Thousands crowded Beijing's Olympic Park to celebrate the arrival of 2016. Glitter exploded in the sky as an hourglass flipped to signal the end of 2015 and the beginning of the new year.
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A massive fireworks show helped Indonesians usher in 2016.
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Taipei, Taiwan

A spectacular three minute fireworks show pierced the Taiwanese sky to welcome in 2016. Skyscraper Taipei 101 was Taipei's location of choice, which is perfect since it's one of the biggest buildings in the city.
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A giant countdown and fireworks galore are how Dubai does 2016!
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The end of the year brought an old-school fireworks show to Russia.
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The skies around Big Ben and the London Eye were alight with explosions.
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Times Square, New York City

Over a million people celebrated New Years Eve in Times Square, with live performances and the annual ball drop at midnight.
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The Space Needle was surrounded by lights as fireworks went off on midnight on the West Coast.