30 Things Women Said In 2015 We Want To Embroider On Pillows & Hug Every Day

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Sometimes famous people say really stupid things. Other times, they say things so smart, moving, and inspirational that we consider taking up needlepointing so we can embroider their statements on pillows that we can hug every day. Or we consider having their words tattooed on our bodies. Or commissioning an Etsy artist to print them on an artfully decorated poster we can hang up somewhere we'll see first thing in the morning. Or simply repeating them over and over in moments of self-doubt. You get the idea.

These quotes are poignant and empowering. They embolden listeners to take action. They can help them through dark times, like when Taylor Swift offers advice to a fan going through a breakup. Rowan Blanchard's words teach millions of impressionable young fans that feminism needs to include everyone, not just privileged white women. Viola Davis' Emmy speech is a powerful reminder that talent continues to exist independently of opportunity, but you cannot win an award for roles that just aren't there.

As we close out 2015, forget about all the other noise and stupidity. Listen to the kick-ass words of these women. Sew them on a pillow — literal or figurative — and give them a tight squeeze.
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"I think I’m starting to learn that the things that are really worthwhile are—and they’re trite—but just happiness and kindness and health and the things that actually carry you from one year to the next."

— Carrie Brownstein to Paste, January 6, 2015
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"This award is so much more than myself. It represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes. My father used to tell me to say every morning, ‘Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will.’ Well, Dad, today is a great day. I can and I did."

— Gina Rodriguez accepting the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, January 11, 2015
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"Don't try so hard to fit in, and certainly don't try so hard to be different...just try hard to be you."

— Zendaya on Twitter, January 27, 2015
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"Heartbreak is awful enough...There is nothing wrong with avoiding people who hurt you."

— Taylor Swift helps a fan through a breakup, February 10, 2015
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"I don't need marriage. I don't need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires. I can take care of them myself now."

— Mindy Kaling to Good Housekeeping, February 2015
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"To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America."

— Patricia Arquette accepting the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, February 22, 2015
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“I do believe in the old saying 'What does not kill you makes you stronger.' Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity."

— Angelina Jolie to Elle, March 31, 2015
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"Let’s just put an end to this myth that women players cannot be friends. We can!"

— Serena Williams to Vogue, April 2015
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"I’m not going to apologize for who I am...I’m actually going to love this skin that I’m in, and not going to be striving for some other version of myself."

— Amy Schumer accepting Glamour U.K.’s 2015 Trailblazer Award, June 3, 2015
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"I've had so many false starts. [But] if it's easy, what story are you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn't inspire anyone."

— Taraji P. Henson to Allure, July 2015
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"I work really really hard and love what I do, I don't feel like I need to apologize for being human. #sorrynotsorry"

— Cara Delevingne on Twitter, July 30, 2015
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"The most important thing in life is that you are true to yourself."

— Caitlyn Jenner on I Am Cait, July 26, 2015
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"To only acknowledge feminism from a one-sided view when the literal DEFINITION is the equality of all sexes is not feminism at all. We need to be talking about this more. Discussion leads to change."

— Rowan Blanchard on Tumblr, August 22, 2015
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"Don't be a pretentious fuckface."

— Anna Kendrick tells Elle her life motto, September 2015
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"[A]ccolades go away. Even if I did win every award ever, Hollywood forgets things in, like, 15 minutes. If you base your value on those types of things, it’s very empty. If you’re always chasing truth and meaning and things that matter to you, you’ll never get enough of that, and you’ll feel like you did something useful while you were on the planet."

— Constance Wu to The New York Times, September 17, 2015
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"I just have a way of breaking the rules even when I don’t intend to. You have to let people be who they are — you have to believe that that’s going to be the best version of them."

— Rihanna to NME, September 18, 2015
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"'In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me, over that line. But I can’t seem to get there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.' That was Harriet Tubman in the 1800s. And let me tell you something: The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity."

— Viola Davis accepting the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, September 20, 2015
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"I hope everyone gets to a place in their life where they’d rather talk about the things that inspire them over the things that bring others down."

— Gigi Hadid on Instagram, September 28, 2015
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"I don't want to become little or hurt or a victim. I want to be strong for girls. I just want them to know that there is an option of standing up for yourself."

— Selena Gomez to Refinery29, October 12, 2015
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"I'm over trying to find the 'adorable' way to state my opinion and still be likable! Fuck that. I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a man in charge who spent time contemplating what angle he should use to have his voice heard. It’s just heard."

— Jennifer Lawrence in Lenny, October 13, 2015
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"I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day. I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That's not human."

— Lady Gaga to Billboard, October 15, 2015
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"I don't believe love is fickle. I believe when you love someone, you are allowed to love from afar. You don't have to be with that person in order to love him."

— Khloé Kardashian to People, October 28, 2015
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"Making bad decisions doesn’t make you a bad person. It is how you learn to make better choices."

— Drew Barrymore to InStyle, November 2015
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"I want everybody to close their eyes and think of a dirty word, like a really dirty word. Now open your eyes. Was any of your words ambition? I didn’t think so. See, I just kind of started wondering lately why female ambition is a trait that people are so afraid of. Why do people have prejudiced opinions about women who accomplish things? Why is that perceived as a negative?...I believe ambition is not a dirty word. It’s just believing in yourself and your abilities. Imagine this: What would happen if we were all brave enough to be a little bit more ambitious? I think the world would change."

Reese Witherspoon at Glamour’s 2015 Women of the Year Awards, November 10, 2015
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"I believe girls all over the world [have been] raised to believe that we need to be protected, or need someone else to feel validated and strong. Now we are in a time where we are enough. We are complete as ourselves, and our flaws make us unique. Perfection is boring anyway. As soon as you find and identify your flaws, there’s no one who can be like you. From that you can take your confidence."

— Priyanka Chopra to New You, November 17, 2015
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"I've got to clear a lot of stuff the fuck out, which is really therapeutic, 'cause I can really hold a grudge. Life is so much easier when you don't hoard your past."

— Adele to i-D, November 26, 2015
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“If you want to make your passion your work, then you must be prepared to work hard on your passion. Forget about if no one else can bet on you, forget about if nobody believes. If you believe, that is the only thing you need to carry in your soul."

Uzo Aduba in Darling magazine's winter 2015 issue
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"It's just so ingrained in us, the idea that we should take up the right amount of space, literally and figuratively...It's okay to be powerful in every way: to be big, to take up space. To breathe and thrive."

— Claire Danes to Allure, December 2015
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"If you turn on the television and you are not represented on that television, you become invisible to yourself. And there was very little of myself that I saw on TV, or in the movies that I was watching, or in magazines that were lying around the salons or around the house. And so these are subconscious things. Yes, Western beauty standards are things that affect the entire world. And then what happens? You’re a society that doesn’t value darker skin."

— Lupita Nyong’o to Elle UK, December 4, 2015
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"There’s a lot of hatred in the world today, it’s so easy to judge. Imagine being a hater, how stupid!...There are more important conversations than how women look and how they are aging."

— Meg Ryan to Porter, December 4, 2015