12 Celebrities With Hidden Beauty Talents

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Okay, I know you hear that "celebrities, they're just like us!" baloney all the time (whether sincerely or sarcastically). And you might think this is just going to be another one of those stories. But I’m flipping the switch.

While yes, we all do our own makeup, hair, or nails — um, like, every day — if I had exuberant amounts of cash, adoring fans, beauty sponsors, and a red carpet to walk down, I’d be having someone else doll me up, too. Just saying. But the following celebrities often choose to do their own makeup or hair on the red carpet, and for other events (including a wedding that was broadcasted to 300 million people).

The fact that they do it themselves, in the face of all those flashing lights and dissecting eyes, makes these stars even more otherworldly. (Not to mention that their talents almost always go under-the-radar.) Ahead, 11 celebs who could moonlight as beauty pros.
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Gwen Stefani
The musician, fashion icon, and judge for NBC's The Voice revealed to us at a Revlon event that she has yet another talent to add to the list: Beauty pro. "I'm a makeup fanatic," Stefani says. "I think if I didn't end up in music, I would have found my way as a makeup artist. I've done my makeup — I still do my makeup — before I go on stage whenever I'm on tour."
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When we inquired about Zendaya’s gorgeous look at the CFDA Awards earlier this month, her people informed us that she did that perfect bronzy cat-eye herself (uh, what?) — and that, in fact, she takes the brushes into her own hands quite regularly. Just another line on the long list of reasons we’re obsessed with this one.
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Taylor Swift
Swift may be a multi-platinum artist, Grammy winner, and all-around boss, but it turns out she's got another talent we never knew about: painting — and not just on canvas.

"Taylor is great at painting nails," says best friend Karlie Kloss. "She's a great artist in general; a great painter. I am probably the worst at painting nails, so that's something she has that I don’t."
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Scarlett Johansson
Unless she’s got a major gala on the books, ScarJo told Elle, she prefers to do her own makeup — and she even has a few hacks up her sleeve. When applying her signature red lip, she recommends lining the mouth with concealer and going over the whole lips with pencil before applying. “If you really want to go for it, rim the lips with a highlighter. That’s very dramatic,” she told the mag.
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Queen Bey's makeup artist Sir John may be one of our faves in the biz, but she doesn't always depend on his mastery. Bey told People that she first started playing with her mother's makeup at age six, and often does her own look for events; the multitalented star even cuts and dyes her own hair from time to time.
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Kylie Jenner
It's no secret that the youngest Jenner sister is beauty-obsessed. She is a veritable makeup queen, with her own beauty site chock-full of tutorials and a makeup line in the works. While she often has the help of pro artists (as seen on her Snapchat), she's just as capable of executing her lewk on her own.
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Diane Kruger
She styles herself, she does her own makeup — Kruger is a self-made woman in more ways than one. “I was always surrounded by great makeup artists when I was modeling and learned a lot from them,” the German beauty told Violet Grey. “I try to not overdo it, and let the dress do all the talking. I’m really not into contouring and heavy foundation, but I have a pretty thick brow naturally and find that it gives me a lot of character.”
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Blake Lively
Another actress who serves as her own stylist and makeup artist, Lively told The Cut that she, too, credits her skills to working with and learning from the pros. "I like doing my own makeup and hair for events. I think it’s fun," she said. "...luckily through doing photo shoots, I get to work with so many amazing hair and makeup artists. That’s my version of YouTube. How do you do Veronica Lake hair? And like, today, with Serge Normant, I get to ask him, 'How do you do that? What did you do?'"
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Gayle King
Oprah's BFF recently posted a screenshot of herself on TV with super-red lips to Instagram with the hilarious caption: "@Oprah just called & said tell your makeup artist waaaay too red on the lips today and I said proudly 'I did that MYSELF' Dead silence on the line ... Hello ??hello?..."
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Kate Middleton
After training with a Bobbi Brown artist, the Duchess of Cambridge did her own makeup for the royal wedding, which aired to an estimated 300 million people in 2011. Man, this princess has skills — I get nervous just thinking about walking down the aisle in front of my friends and family.
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Alicia Keys
Keys told Vogue that she loves doing her own makeup, and her husband Swizz Beatz is into it, too (into her doing her makeup, that is). "I love makeup. My husband says, 'You see, babe? When you do your own makeup, you look the best!' I don’t know if he just loves me or if that’s the truth. I’ll call my makeup artist [and say, 'Look what I did!']"
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Kate Hudson
If Hudson's acting career had never taken off (hard to imagine), she told Beauty Editor, she would gladly have fallen back on her makeup skills. "I’m a little funny about makeup artists," she said. "There are some that I really love to work with. But doing makeup is one of those things that I've always done since I was a little girl. I used to make jokes that if I didn’t make it as an actress, or if it didn’t work out, at least that was my backup. I really love doing makeup."

Not only does Hudson do her own makeup for events "quite often," but she does her squads', too. "I'm into more experimental makeup right now. When I do my girlfriends' makeup, I play in terms of colors or types of lashes. But that kind of makeup doesn’t make sense for every day."
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