People's Sexiest Man Alive Has Been Wrong Every Year Since 2000

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The holidays are nearly upon us, which means it's time for America to crown a new king of sexiness. Or, more specifically, for People magazine to name its Sexiest Man Alive (not to be confused with the ever ongoing sexiest vampire/ zombie competition).

The title often elicits as many frustrated groans as love-struck sighs. Every year that your celeb crush isn't chosen is a year when the competition was rigged! The judges were obviously blind to the truly hot! But we have assembled a list of the true, worthy would-be winners from the past 15 years. Their sexiness may not have landed them the cover of People magazine. But it has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate you, guys.
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2000: Tom Welling (Real Winner: Brad Pitt)
Brad Pitt has his charms, but was he ever Superman? No, he was not. Nor was he on our TVs every week, often getting into just the kind of small-town farm accident that burns button-down plaid shirts clean off, revealing an obviously alien amount of well-defined abs.
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2001: Heath Ledger (Real Winner: Pierce Brosnan)
Obviously, no one at People saw him in A Knights Tale. Or 10 Things I Hate About You. No one could pull off the troubled, yet profound contemplative stare like Ledger.
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2002: Leonardo DiCaprio (Real Winner: Ben Affleck)
The internet has decided that the look of despair in DiCaprio's eyes around awards season is caused by his lack of Oscars. But maybe he's haunted by a bigger oversight — the consummate '90s heartthrob has never been named People's sexiest man. His 2002 turn in Catch Me If You Can isn't believable because of his acting ability (which is impressive), but because people would obviously give a smiling DiCaprio whatever he wanted.
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2003: Adam Brody (Real Winner: Johnny Depp)
The era of the crushable geek was dawning, and Seth Cohen was at the front of the sexily stuttering pack. His bone structure and hair game was just as good as the next teen heartthrob's. But he encouraged your fantasy to extend beyond a make-out session, when he would have meaningful discussions with you about literature while complimenting your glasses.
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2004: Ryan Gosling (Real Winner: Jude Law)
This should have been Gosling's year, because he proved just how versatile his sexiness is. Anyone can pull of the soaking-wet white shirt. But Gosling also looks good rocking a scruffy look, clean-cut 1940s garb, as well as a more modern T-shirt-and-jeans combo.
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2005: Patrick Dempsey (Real Winner: Matthew McConaughey)

Peak McDreamy.
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2006: Taye Diggs (Real Winner: George Clooney)
Diggs made the list in 2006, but rather than give it to the Broadway star and bestower of groves, they let Clooney have a double dip.
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2007: Jon Hamm (Real Winner: Matt Damon)
With only the power of his smile (and Disney prince face) Hamm makes viewers totally forget how creepy and misogynistic his character is for 20 minutes at a time.
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2008: Usher (Real Winner: Hugh Jackman)
After years of being cute in a teen-star kind of way, Usher fulfilled his sexy potential.
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2009: Paul Rudd (Real Winner: Johnny Depp)
Because you don't need to be a dangerous bad boy to be sexy. You could just be a lovable goofball with a face that doesn't seem to age.
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2010: Justin Timberlake (Real Winner: Ryan Reynolds)
Not that the "sexy" Timberlake brought back ever really went away, it's just that the hipster glasses he picked up after The Social Network (plus the attractive reveal that he really is a triple threat) solidified his sexy reputation.
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2011: Tom Hiddleston (Real Winner: Bradley Cooper)
The fact that any co-star could even take some of the attention from Chris Hemsworth is impressive. With Hiddleston's turn as Loki, every girl you knew who sorted herself into Slytherin had found a new celeb crush.
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2012: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Real Winner: Channing Tatum)
Gordon-Levitt has benefitted from the Neville Longbottom effect — an awkward-looking teen becomes a super-attractive man. Plus, he's got the whole creative side project thing going.
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2013: Michael B. Jordan (Real Winner: Adam Levine)
It's crazy that Jordan didn't get so much as a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Fruitvale Station, and similarly shocking that none of People's people took notice of how good he looked on the red carpet
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2014: Zac Efron (Real Winner: Chris Hemsworth)
Seth Rogan said it best. Efron can sing, dance, and looks like he could challenge the Rock to an arm wrestling contest (I mean, he'd still lose, but he wouldn't be a totally ridiculous competitor).
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2015: Rami Malek
Malek isn't exactly a newcomer to Hollywood, having starred in multiple big franchises (including Twilight), but it wasn't until his starring role in this year's big summer series, Mr. Robot, that his sexiness was fully on display to the masses.