10 GIFs That Show Off Leonardo DiCaprio's Impressive Hair Game

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio turns 41. The actor with the most Oscar thirst is known for his theatrical skills. He's known for being kind of a playboy. But what he should also be known for is his hair game. There's his messy, disheveled look, which he rocked in his more youthful roles. And the gelled, yet wavy style he adopted as a sign of his maturity. And then, there were the bangs... Happy birthday, Leo. Whether or not 2016 will be your year to take home the golden statue, when the reaction cam goes in for the close-up, your hair will look great.
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The effortlessly messy bangs, perfect for hopping around a large ship.
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Running his fingers through it. So dreamy.
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The ultimate piece-y look.
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Gelled, but not crusty-helmet-head gelled.
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The art of bedhead.
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Respect the hair-flip skills.
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That one curl — freed by Gatsby's exuberant mood.
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That volume, though.
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The perfect execution of the early-2000s boy-band style.
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The ultimate throwback.