15 Famous Bloggers & Their Secret Side-Hustles

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Being a successful blogger can be a full-time job — and pay just as much as a typical 9-to-5 gig (sometimes way more). Between ad sales, getting paid per post by brands, making guest appearances, and even collaborating on designer collections, big bloggers have more than one income stream — and we're not just talking about the stream of free goodies.
The future of blogging is uncertain, so working on a side hustle as a Plan B in case the industry takes a turn makes a lot of sense for these tastemakers. Of course, they could just be using their current influence to make even more money. And we can't blame them: They've got the already-established millions-strong followings of super-fans that any business would kill to sell to; they might as well capitalize on their own popularity.

Some of these side gigs might surprise you — from running event spaces to selling stick-on body jewels. Click on for all the businesses that help bloggers pay the bills.
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The Blogger: Rumi Neely
The Side Biz: Are You Am I
Silk tanks, lace bralettes, and other elevated basics are just a few of the things you'll find in longtime blogger Rumi Neely's shop, Are You Am I. But, prices for these little gems soar beyond $500, so don't plan on buying in bulk.
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The Blogger: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad
The Side Biz: Chiara Ferragni Collection
Ferragni's can be considered one of the most lucrative blogging careers out there — she was even named in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. And as if she wasn't already making enough money, Forbes claims she was on track to bring in $8 million this year, "with 70% coming from her shoe business, launched in 2010." We don't doubt she'll even exceed that with her quirky-cute eponymous kicks this year.
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Photo: Via @BodyBauble.
The Blogger: Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat
The Side Biz: Body Bauble
Danielle is a music-festival mainstay, so that might explain why she decided to partner with her friend Ashley Graver on a brand of festival-ready self-adhesive gemstones.
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Photo: Via @Talesofvintage.
The Blogger: Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment
The Side Biz: Tales Of Vintage
We're already stocking up our cart on Natalie Joos' new e-shop full of on-point vintage finds like oversized jackets and fringe party dresses. And of course, the styling is on point thanks to Natalie's knack for great styling — you can't beat the prices, either.
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Photo: Via @shoptwosongs.
The Bloggers: Aimee Song of Song Of Style & her sister, Dani Song
The Side Biz: Two Songs
The stylish sister duo launched a line of tees and sweatshirts around this time last year. With slogans like "$elfmade" and "Dope Songs Only," the merchandise is obviously highly Instagram-worthy. The biz has about 22k followers. Shop it here.
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Photo: Via @THPSHOP.CO.
The Blogger: Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit
The Side Biz: THPSHOP
You could call Vanessa the Minimalist Queen of Instagram, and her shop THPSHOP carries everything you need to achieve the same aesthetic for yourself. From faux fur jackets to minimal jewelry and marble phone cases, it's a treasure trove of Insta-worthy goods (but they don't come cheap).
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Photo: Via @keikolynn.
The Blogger: Keiko Lynn
The Side Biz: Brooklyn Brigade
Instead of launching a line of merchandise, blogger Keiko Lynn opened a creative rental space in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her friend, business partner, and fellow blogger Helena Glazer, which they rent out for photoshoots, private events, and other happenings.
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The Blogger: Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules
The Side Biz: Shop Sincerely Jules
Julie Sariñana's line of cutesy T-shirts and sweatshirts has now expanded to include bottoms, outerwear, and dresses, too. She often rocks the merchandise on her own feed, which is partly why the line's Instagram has racked up over 200,000 followers.
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Photo: via @patriciachangny.
The Blogger: Patricia Chang
The Side Biz: Patricia Chang Handbags
Blogger-made merchandise isn't just limited to slogan tees — Patricia Chang has a line of mostly food-inspired handbags that's sold at Shopbop.
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Photo: Via @Karla_Deras.
The Blogger: Karla Deras of Karla's Closet
The Side Biz: The Line By K
Most people follow Karla for her effortlessly sexy style, so it only makes sense that she would start a line of the type of body-hugging, Kardashian-esque basics she loves to wear herself. You can meet all your bodysuit and pencil skirt needs here.
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Photo: Via @jess_hannah.
The Blogger: Jess Hannah
The Side Biz: J. Hannah Jewelry
Unlike other bloggers, Jess' jewelry business was in place before she started a blog. So while you could say she's always been a jeweler first and a blogger second, she's still got her loyal blog following supporting her line of #FineJewelryForFineLadies.
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Photo: Via @realisationpar.
The Blogger: Alexandra Spencer of 4th And Bleecker
The Side Biz: Réalisation Par
Spencer's new line of star-print silk tops and '90s-esque spaghetti-strap dresses is already a hit among It Girls like Jeanne Damas. If you love brands like Reformation, you'll love Réalistation Par just the same — but the prices aren't necessarily pocket change.
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Photo: Via @novemknight.
The Blogger: Samantha Maria
The Side Biz: Novem & Knight
Samantha, a London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger who's also big on YouTube has a line of "immaculately simple" (according to its Instagram bio) merchandise called Novem & Knight. Her upscale basics include tees, skater skirts, and T-shirt dresses.
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The Blogger: Brigette Muller of Hummusbird
The Side Biz: Hummusbird Shop
If you're a Free People fan, you just found your new obsession. In her Etsy shop, Brigette's sold everything from incense holders and crystals to wall hangings and jewelry.
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Photo: Via @Sameswim.
The Blogger: Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea
The Side Biz: Same Swim
Shea Marie's recently launched line of Instagram-worthy swimsuits is actually giving Victoria's Secret a run for its money. According to its About page, Same was born out of Shea's combined love for fashion and life in California. The pieces are handmade in Los Angeles.

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