Good Charlotte Returns: 10 Angry Adolescent Songs To Celebrate

Angry 2000s kids, get excited — Good Charlotte is back. Yes, the dreamy boy band for the Hot Topic set is releasing new music. Alternative Press has a clip from the group's upcoming music video, in which iPhone texting features heavily. It looks like Good Charlotte is aggressively courting today's youth, not the youth that loved them in the early 2000s.

As a new generation gets to discover Good Charlotte, it's time to remember some of the anthems that got us through our teenage years. The girl-power tracks. The rage-against-the-machine odes. The songs that could only be played with the volume cranked up to 11. These 10 tracks got me through existential crises and math homework. Hopefully, they're still helping teens weather tough times, and psych themselves up for that cartilage piercing.
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"The Anthem," Good Charlotte (2002)
The musical equivalent of screaming, "You're not my dad." But at the Man.
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"You Oughta Know, "Alanis Morissette (1995)
For sixth graders everywhere angry that their crush asked someone else to the spring formal, and even angrier their mom won't explain why Alanis is so pissed about "going down in a theater."
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"American Idiot," Green Day (2004)
Thirty seconds in, and suddenly you were political. You weren't even going to go to the Flag Day Assembly. Open your eyes, Mrs. L. Open your eyes.
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"There You Go," Pink (2001)
The inspiration to be the kind of free-spirited rebel who speaks her mind and has the confidence to wear a cowboy hat over neon hair.
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"Only Happy When It Rains", Garbage (1995)
The kind of youthful fury that only comes when no one understands the depth or your depth. You want to talk about last week's Gilmore Girls? Sure, but only if we can do it through the lens of first-wave feminism. And we have to wear turtlenecks.
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"Vindicated," Dashboard Confessionals (2006)
The angriest of all sing-a-longs. How did I do on the pop quiz? Allow me to sing the song of the betrayed.
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"Celebrity Skin," Hole (1998)
Down with consumerism! Or we love consumerism! Unclear, but either way I'm wearing purple lipstick.
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"Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana (1991)
The great thing about being a suburban teen in the 2000s was becoming the first one in history to discover Nirvana. Really, 2005 was an exciting time for grunge in Connecticut.
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"Just a Girl," No Doubt (1995)
To be played on a loop when you first study the history of the 19th amendment. Or when your parents forbid you from wearing that one skirt. GIRL POWER!
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"We're Not Gonna Take It," Twisted Sister (1984)
An episode of I Love the '80s taught me that I wasn't a part of the first class of angry adolescents, which was oddly comforting.