The Sexy, Secret James Bond Life Of Nick Jonas

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The latest installment of the James Bond franchise hits theaters on November 6. No one is more excited about this than Nick Jonas.

Okay, maybe he didn’t call me up and say, “Wow, Vanessa, I can’t wait to go see Spectre this week.” But he did tell me during a July interview in Los Angeles just how much he loves James Bond — specifically, the most recent actor to play 007. I asked Jonas if he was jealous of anyone. (Hey, that song was still top of mind at the time.) “Daniel Craig,” he told me. “ I love James Bond. I want to be James Bond, and I’m jealous of him. He’s the man.”

It got me thinking that Jonas himself isn’t so far off from the Bond character. In fact, there’s a solid set of evidence that he may or may not be a Bond in training. Ahead, 10 times Jonas was living his best Bond life.
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Witness Jonas as he uses every muscle in the top half of his body. Sure, this is from Scream Queens, but isn’t it also a perfect routine for a Bond in training?
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The theme of the “Burnin’ Up” video is quite literally James Bond. You can’t fight me on that one.
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Photo: Courtesy of Perez Hilton.
In the show Kingdom, Jonas plays a character who’s living a double life. What is more Bond-esque than a double life? Plus, look at all the fighting and stuff!
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Skip ahead to just before the 2:00 mark. You will see a fan throw a pair of sunglasses at Jonas. Because of his agent training, he doesn’t even bat an eye when catching them mid-performance.
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Oh! And how about that time he announced a tour with Demi Lovato in what is basically a movie poster for a future Bond film?
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This tux is very Bond, but not as Bond as how he’s playing up his backstage time. We know all secret missions happen behind the scenes. (Check his caption.)
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That time he basically simulated a scene of his own capture, from which he handily escaped.
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And that other time he was testing out a DISGUISE.
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Not convinced? Consider how he announced his new single, “Levels,” in what is basically a sequel to the “Burnin’ Up” video. (Watch the Instagram video here.)
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Image: Courtesy of NickJonasObsessionForever.
If Jonas is ever cast as Bond, we know he’s thinking BIG picture. Aliens and whatnot.