The Best Holiday Gifts From A To Z

It's easy to fall into a rut when holiday shopping. By the time you've rounded up the perfect somethings for your entire extended family, favorite coworkers, and cat-sitter, you (and your budget) will likely be entirely spent. That's when you remember you still have to scoop up a gift for your Zumba-going buddy, your significant other's siblings, and the barista who knows your a.m. coffee order by heart.

This year, to avoid resorting to a sad, pre-made gingerbread houses or too-colorful-to-actually-wear holiday socks, it's all about getting ahead of the game. Make a no-fail plan and you'll no longer find yourself in a scramble come December. That's why we've put all the best gifts (delightfully organized from A to Z) in one place. From wearable tech to cozy winter staples and novelty pins, this no-fail guide to holiday giving is here for your shopping convenience.

The 70-plus gifts ahead are ones you'll like giving just as much as the special someone will love receiving. And since there's no shortage of creative ideas this time around, click through knowing that you'll be the best gift-giver this holiday season. Bragging rights to follow, of course.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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Artful Accents
The one thing you never want to buy for yourself? Wall art. Give a quirky print to a friend or loved one and they'll have one less blank space in their home or apartment — and think of you every time they see the piece hanging there.
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Beauty is in the abstract.
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There's nothing wrong with some cacti porn.
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Lots of shapes and colors to spice up any living room.
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Bring On The Cold
Give the gift of warmth this season, because chilly days don't seem so bad when you know you'll get to throw on one of your favorite scarves.
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For the shoe-lover.
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It doesn't get cozier than this.
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The packaging is too pretty to throw away.
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Crystal Clear
You can't beat a gift that's pretty and meaningful. Plus, everyone deserves a little bit of sparkle in her life.
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A tea-light holder that will take any side table to the next level.
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Coasters that are functional and gorgeous, too.
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This crystal holds a cute little air plant.
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Duffel Days
Save the folks on your list from one more drab carry-all or typical canvas tote bag by giving them a cool-girl duffel that's good for weekdays and weekend trips alike.
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A bold red is rad enough to carry all day long.
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This wintry variation is like having a stuffed animal on you at all times.
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Everyone loves a classic stripe.
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Easy Listening
Nothing gets you through a long workday or overseas flight like a comfy (and chic!) pair of over-ear headphones.(Because ear buds are so last year, right?).
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For your friend who's rose-gold obsessed.
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These are made for an all-black-everything look.
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A metallic pair that's oh-so Instagram-worthy.
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Fuel Up
Holiday cheer is great and all — but first, coffee. All your caffeine-fiend friends will thank you for a pretty mug to help get their days started on a high note.
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What's chic, practical, and red all over? This mug, of course.
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Everyone has a minimalist pal who'd appreciate a simple speckled sipper.
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Show your friends how artsy you really are. Okay, so you didn't D.I.Y. this, but maybe next year.
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Golden Rings
2015 has been the year of stacking rings, so do your part to complete your friends' and loved ones' jewelry collections with one of the good-as-gold options ahead.
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A little evil eye is all you need.
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Don't get it twisted, this ring is a wear-every-day statement.
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Opal that feels special without breaking the bank.
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A plant adds life to any space, no matter how dull. And there's nothing better than giving the gift of a living thing.
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A few little guys made for a window sill.
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Everyday is a good hair day for this skull planter.
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For the friend who majorly lacks a green thumb, artificial plants can be just as nice.
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It Guy Layer
A welcome addition to his one-leather-jacket outerwear collection.
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Longline bombers are having a moment.
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It's time to ditch the letterman jacket for a grown-up coat.
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If he doesn't have a classic leather moto yet, it's long overdue.
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Just For Kicks
Believe it or not, a fresh pair of kicks makes for a pretty memorable holiday gift — all you have to figure out is the receiver's size.
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Pump up their wardrobe from the bottom up.
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Whoever gets these must've been really good this year.
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A classic brand gets a designer touch with this cool, color-blocked pair.
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Key Player
Keychains used to be a kitschy souvenir you'd get on family vacations. Now, they're a fashion-approved accessory (and easy gift item, too).
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Bag looking a bit drab? This should help.
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See, keychains can be badass.
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A cute tassel is one-size-fits-all.
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Giving a robe as a gift is a reminder that everyone deserves a little R & R every now and then.
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Because who wouldn't want to curl up in one of these post-bath?
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This one's for the boho-chic friend who could make this work in an actual wear-in-public outfit.
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Life is better in a silk robe.
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Make A Note
It may feel like pen and paper are obsolete, but your friends will be surprised how refreshing it feels to get their thoughts out of their head and down on the page.
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A bright pop of color for any cubicle.
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A pretty print is so much more inspiring than a typical legal pad.
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For inspirations and ideas galore.
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Nothin' But Knit
You've gotten one too many strange scarves and tacky sweaters to give lame knitwear to anyone. A statement beanie is a gift sure to impress, not collect dust.
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If someone's taste is tough to crack, stick with a simple, classic color.
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Card signed: "To bring out your beautiful blue eyes."
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That teenage second cousin twice removed? You've got her (head) covered.
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On Fire
This December, consider yourself the Oprah of candles: "You get a candle! You get a candle! Everyone gets a candle!"
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The kind of candle you hope never runs out.
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When you walk into your friend's apartment and it actually smells good, you can give yourself a pat on the back for that one.
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You can't go wrong with Diptyque.
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Pin Game Strong
Affordable, personal, and adorable, pins check off all the boxes, and there's at least one (or three) out there perfect for everyone on your list.
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Two words: girl power.
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A sweet little stocking stuffer for your S.O.
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All of your besties get one of these.
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Quiet Time
Nothing's sweeter than an afternoon cat nap on the couch, and this gift will make that possible for all who receive it.
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Ideal for the outdoor concert-goer.
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Not sure about a friend's decor style? This is versatile enough for even the most eclectic of spaces.
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You kind of want to keep this cuddly one for yourself.
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Runners' High
There are few things better than giving a gift that someone can actually get excited about using. And there's nothing more useful than a gadget that tracks everything from elevation to distance and steps.
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You know your sister's been eyeing the Apple watch since it came out.
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Wearable tech can look just as chic and professional as a classic watch.
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A sleek motivator for those early morning gym dreamers.
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Snail Mail
Long live actual, tangible, hand-written cards. Send some out to your favorite people for a surprise that speaks so much louder than a useless trinket.
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Don't mind if we do.
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This one covers all the bases.
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Opening this card is like walking into your own surprise party.
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Throwin' Shade
This holiday season, throw shade in a good way by giving rad sunglasses to all the best people on your list.
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A universally flattering pair for any face shape.
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We all have that friend who can pull anything off, and these are no exception.
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Old and young alike can appreciate a classic tortoise pair.
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Up With The Times
Not everyone wears a watch every day, but with the time-keepers ahead, you're sure to convert even the biggest accessories-hater.
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A minty green can brighten anyone's day.
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Consider a watch for your always-late BFF.
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Who says a watch has to be clunky and traditional?
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V Cozy
Okay, it may seem passé to give a sweater as a holiday gift, but if it's actually cool, it can be the winter savior everyone is looking for. You're the stylish one after all — time to give the gift of good taste.
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Because the '70s are back in a big way.
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Give your aunt an introduction to mixed prints.
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How could someone not love getting expensive cashmere as a gift?
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Waist Decor
An outfit-making accessory she can never have too many of? Done and done.
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Change things up with a double-ring in place of a buckle...
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...or no buckle at all.
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Go big or go home with this big-but-not-blingy showstopper.
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X-tra Volume
Turn it up! The Christmas music, that is. Spread the holiday cheer with a portable speaker that pumps up the jam any- and everywhere.
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For the friend who always has his headphones in.
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Oh, and the friend who always hosts the pre-game? This should work for her, too.
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This speaker comes with the option of cute colored cases. A win-win.
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Young Forever
Real games may feel like they've been replaced by iPhones and iPads, but there's still nothing more fun than sitting around with the fam and playing something tangible over the holidays.
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Where has this fashion-girl-approved game board been all our lives?
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You and gramps will have a good, old-fashioned time with this one.
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Colorful playing cards make any game more fun.
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Zzz's Aplenty
No one gets enough sleep these days, so a sleep mask counts as a thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your list. Feel free to grab yourself one, too.
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This makes counting sheep just that much easier.
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All floral everything.
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Perfect for the future (or present) cat lady.
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