9 Surprising Apps Inspired By Tinder

Tinder is one of the most influential new apps in recent years, and not just because it's made hooking up so much easier — or connected some lucky users with their soul mates. Tinder's super-simple premise — swipe right if you like, swipe left if you don't — has inspired and spawned dozens of imitators. And some of these apps are entirely unexpected.

You can swipe right for just about anything at this point. There's a Tinder for dogs. There's a Tinder for looping video battles. There's even a Tinder for pot smokers. If you can boil an idea down into choosing one thing over another, you've got yourself an app (or so it would seem).

We've rounded up nine of the newest, weirdest, and most entertaining Tinder-style apps out there. Read on to find out if you're missing some much-needed swiping action in your life.

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Photo: Courtesy Squad.
Tinder For The Beginning Of The Night: Squad

Currently in beta, Squad is all about helping you find new friends to hang out with, particularly at big events, like music festivals. It lets you create a “squad” with you and your friends in the app, and then you can swipe through to find other squads to hang out with.
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Photo: Courtesy Exacly.me.
Tinder For Sharing Personal Opinions: Exacly.me

Instead of Liking or Favoriting photos on this social network, you tap one of two buttons: “Me” or “Not Me.” As you upload photos and “Me” images, you gain clout in subject areas such as “Gadget Guru” or “Fashion Junkie,” and then you can meet other users who fall into those categories as well.
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Photo: Courtesy High There!.
Tinder For Pot Smokers: High There!

If Netflix and chilling for you also involves some herb, High There! is the Tinder-style dating app you need. It lets you share your preferred method of getting high. Upload a video profile and show your approval of profiles by tapping “High there!” or “Bye there!” buttons.
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Photo: Courtesy Sniffr.
Tinder For Dog Owners: Sniffr

Whether you’re looking for love, a playmate for your pooch, or both, Sniffr helps you find matches based on breed and location. You can “sniff” other pups' profiles and create a pack for group playdates.
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Photo: Courtesy Tindog.
Tinder For Dog Owners: Tindog

You didn't think there'd be only one Tinder for dog lovers, did you? On Tindog, you can obsess about your pet with other owners, find a new playmate for your dog, and find people who love their dogs as much as you love yours.
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Photo: Courtesy Clashem.
Tinder For Videos: Clashem

Clashem pits two five-second videos against one another, and you choose the winner. The videos loop simultaneously, with one on the top half of the screen and one on the bottom. There are no tags or categories, so what gets served up is a complete surprise.
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Photo: Courtesy TiqIQ.
Tinder For Finding Tickets: TiqIQ

TiqIQ is a ticket aggregator and search engine for upcoming live events, such as concerts or sports games, with a Tinder-style swiping feature.
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Photo: Courtesy Scheduit.
Tinder For Networking: Scheduit

Scheduit helps you find professionals who sync with your career interests and business activities, so you can make the most out of networking events. It also helps you manage your time by scheduling meetings and helping you find (and fill) open time slots in your calendar.
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Photo: Courtesy Jaha.
Tinder For Fitness Enthusiasts: Jaha

Need to find a workout buddy to hold you accountable for that 6 a.m. run you planned? Jaha helps you find someone in your area who’s interested in the same activities that you are, whether it's a sport or just gym time.