Hotline Bling: Ranking The Looks In Drake’s New Video

Photo courtesy WWD/REX USA
Drake has long been known for his daring wardrobe choices in public. Recently, the Toronto rapper has been making headlines more for Twitter beefs than music, but his “Hotline Bling” is the track of the moment.
A video for the track released on Apple Music tonight showcases Drizzy dancing in a series of spaces best described as lightboxes, rapping on a staircase, and, of course, getting a little assist from some of his female friends. They’re so nice to Drake. It must be because he’s sensitive.
Here’s a ranking of the 6 God’s looks from the new video, from worst to best.
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4. Prospeed Motorcycle Jacket
My dude. Did you just ride your motorcycle to the set? Did you not have time to get changed? If you were so rushed onto set, where is your helmet? It’s one thing to hop right off your bike and get to work, it’s quite another to not practice proper road safety.
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3. Owl Sweatshirt
The owl, long a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, is also famed for staying out all night. Which is just what Drake is accusing the unnamed subject of this song of doing. Oh, and what do ya know — this particular owl design is also the logo of Drake's clothing line, October's Very Own. Luckily for Drake, the on-the-nose symbolism saves him from looking like he's hawking his own brand too hard.
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2. Red Jacket/Timbs
Simple. Classic. The red puffy jacket and Timberlands wouldn’t look out of place in a Biggie video and they don’t look out of place on Drake here. There’s something to be said for taking a bunch of pieces that just work and putting them on top of each other. It’s like how you can add grilled onions to everything.
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1. Turtleneck
How cozy does Drake look in his turtleneck? Drake looks so cozy in his turtleneck.
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Catch all of Drake's looks in this video.