Blake Lively Thanks Fans For Support After Shutting Preserve

Why say it with flowers when you can say it with an Instagram?

Blake Lively took a moment to thank her fans for their support in the wake of Preserve's closure. The actress shared a rather goofy photo with a heartfelt message poking fun at her habit of "wearing so many hats." Literally.

"Thank you guys for your support every step of the way in the @preserve_us adventure," she wrote alongside a snap of her donning three toppers. "I couldn't be more grateful!! One day I'll stop wearing so many hats....but... I'll probably be dead by then."

Blake darling, a #girlboss need never apologize. Lively's supporters stood by her when she was selling pricey gourmet ketchup and they'll stand by her while she takes a time-out to figure her next game plan. In fact, she can pretty much get away with anything so long as she keeps posting those hilarious Ryan Reynolds memes. Hint, hint.