The Shirtless Nick Jonas Scream Queens GIFs You Need

Photo: Steve Dietl/FOX.
Nick Jonas' transformation from child star to bona fide beefcake is no secret, and his ample, uh, gifts were put on glorious display toward the end of tonight's two-hour premiere of Scream Queens. Yes, Ryan Murphy's college-set horror-comedy gave us the gift of a Nick Jonas workout montage.

Jonas plays Boone, a member of a golf frat at Wallace University, which, we learn during the premiere, isn't exactly the safest place in the world: It seems people are being killed in really terrible ways all the time. Plus, the sorority girls are just genuinely awful.

Boone is gay and closeted (though he is out to his friend Chad, played by Glen Powell). He strikes a deal with the figurative devil, Emma Roberts' evil sorority girl, Chanel, to join Kappa after he comes out. But his workout scene proves he may also have a deal with a different kind of hell-dweller: the Red Devil that's been committing some of the campus murders.

But, let's forget about plot for a minute and focus on the fact that there's a minute-long sequence of Nick Jonas exercising, set to Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night." The scene is totally gratuitous, but really, who's complaining when there's a bicep-kiss involved?

Here's the thing: We know you want GIFs. Here's the other thing: We've got you covered.
GIF: Courtesy of Fox.
GIF: Courtesy of Fox.
GIF: Courtesy of Fox.