Pizza-Toting Subway Rat Is The Most New York Thing Ever

We can just imagine the Phoebe Buffay song now: "Pizza rat, pizza rat/What are they feeding you?" ($1 slices, clearly).

On Monday, a carb-loving underground dweller took the internet by storm, when DNAInfo posted a video on Twitter of a rat trekking down the stairs of a subway station, slice of pizza in tow. It's a moment that any New Yorker has experienced, really: A longing to hurry home, dealing with not just the terrors of public transportation, but the desperation of hunger (and craving for a good old cheesy slice).

The food may be double the rat's size, but the scene certainly exemplifies the sheer determination New Yorkers possess — and how, in the nit and grit of the concrete jungle, solace can be found at nearly every corner.

Our only question: Where did the slice originate? Is the rat a 2 Bros fan? A Motorino lover? The world may never know what the rodent's favorite pizzeria is, but it will be able to relate to the incredible feeling of abandonment experienced toward the end of the video, when the critter loses its slice and continues on its journey, pizza-less. Oh, pizza rat, pizza rat. How can you let such deliciousness go?