A Look Way Back At Bey's Best Style Era, Courtesy Of Mama Tina

Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage / Getty Images.
Today is Beyoncé's birthday, and though there's certainly no shortage of Internet-breaking style moments in Queen B's history, we want to take a minute to acknowledge the epic style of her earlier days — we're talking Destiny's Child era. When the group was first starting out, its noteworthy matching outfits helped in its rise to radio fame. But the ladies didn't have a ton of money, or access to big-name designer clothing. So, who made these outrageous coordinating ensembles? None other than Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles.

At the time, we didn't fully appreciate the magic of Tina Knowles' creations, from the floral bustiers and midriff-bearing matching sets, to embellished jeans (before they were even a thing) and full-on red-carpet gowns. Now, looking back, we see just how epic the girl group looked back then, and there's something so much more interesting about these handmade creations than the typical can't-afford-this designer dresses that take over the red carpets nowadays. Another expected ball gown or column dress suddenly feels pretty boring when you consider the looks ahead. So, it's no wonder Beyoncé is still making statements on the red carpet. She got it from her mama, of course.

Click on to see 10 memorable Beyoncé looks from the "Say My Name" days, and let us know your favorite in the comments. Happy Bey-Day!
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We love how Tina Knowles always managed to make four distinct styles with the same theme — and those cutouts and that bell sleeve are so ahead of their time.
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Who knew there were so many things you could do with a metallic jacquard?
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It's like the group took on a different persona every time it hit the carpet — this is its more angelic side. Notice that Ms. Knowles' look always seems to one-up everyone else's in a barely noticable way. She's just a tad sparklier than her fellow singers.
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Queen B is hardly recognizable with her throwback brows and cornrows, but the matching all-black-everything looks are '90s in all the right ways, from the sparkly, low-rise bootcut pants to the square-toe heels.
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Seriously, how much time as a Destiny's Child member was spent working on those abs?
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We're hoping these pink looks were worn on a Wednesday.
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Behold, the origins of the duckface. Also, these next-level jeans, bejeweled belts, and pointed-toe heels are making quite the statement, to say the least.
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"Guys, what should our theme be today? Sexy Boy Scout?"
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Just take it all in: the crazy bleaching, dip-dyed ombre, shrunken-jacket-worn-as-top.
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You can't show up to the 2001 Grammy's in just any old thing, but the group's coordinating green-and-gold jumpsuit, skin-bearing gown, and thigh-high slit did the trick.