10 Films That Will Make You Want To Avoid Love At All Costs

Some sweeping romances will have you hightailing it to your local bar, sure you're just one hard cider away from meeting the one. These movies brew up that perfect combination of meaningful glances and monologues of undying devotion: Titanic, Moulin Rogue, the first 10 minutes of Up.

Then there are movies that make you want to delete Tinder. And cancel that blind date your friend set you up on. And possibly join a convent. These movies make it clear that love is an unwavering path to destruction and heartbreak (even if you reach that destination with perfect clothes and hair). You could argue that these fictional accounts of love have no real baring on your own relationships. But when even Hollywood depictions of love go so horribly awry, what hope is there for the rest of us? Ahead, 10 movies that made us want to turn our backs on romance — and run for the hills.
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Love Actually (2003)
To be clear, Love Actually is a delightful movie that I watch religiously every December, and the trailer alone is enough to fill me with holiday glee. But it's not a good pitch for love. You might think you're in a loving marriage, but one Christmas down the road you'll be drowning out your sobs with a pity CD from your cheating husband. This movie makes me want to watch more rom-coms, but definitely not live in them.
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
This is what losing love can do to you. Who would want to risk such a spectacular post-breakup break down?
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Grease (1978)
Yes, the soundtrack is catchy as hell, but this movie offers up a pretty awful parable about love: To get the one that you want, you have to change everything about yourself. The one with the hottest personality makeover wins.
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Literally Every Lifetime Movie, Ever
Did you meet your husband online? He will murder you. At a farmers' market? He will murder you, possibly by blugoning you with a summer squash. He's a childhood friend you've known forever and just reconnected with? No, he's not; he's actually three rabid raccoons in a trench coat pretending to be your friend. And they will murder you.
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The Perfect Guy (2015)
You don't even need to see this movie, just the trailer. The message is very clear — certain death lies behind every right-swipe.
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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)
Rom-coms are not supposed to have sequels! If happily ever after can be undone for monetary gain, what's the point?
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Bride Wars (2009)
To be fair, love is probably less to blame here than the wedding industrial complex for leading reasonable adult women to engage in an ever-escalating Parent Trap-like prank war, but still. Love is what leads to the wedding.
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He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
A list of things this movie will make you want to stay away from, in addition to love: all film, all media, all people.
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Valentine's Day (2010)
When you make Patrick Dempsey the villain in a romantic comedy, you're crushing a million hearts. If someone with McDreamy's smile can betray two women, what kind of world are we living in?
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Sweet November (2001)
Love can change you. Then the object of your love will die. Well, actually, leave you, then die.