Which Celebrity Summered The Hardest In 2015?

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Soon, summer 2015 will be just another hazy memory. And while many of us may have spent it working in a cubicle, our favorite celebs were out inciting serious cases of FOMO. Some of these celebs stuck to the beach. Others chilled with family on vacation or stuffed bits of summer fun between gigs like their life depended on it.

What's left are a ton of bikini pics you can use as your vision board for summer 2016. After all, a well-partied summer is achievable. If Miley Cyrus can do it, you can do it too. Although, possibly with a more low-key bathing suit and without the eye-patch.

Click on for some major highlights.
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Taylor Swift

Swift has really got this multi-tasking thing down. Technically she's been working all summer with her tour, but by inviting her besties (and potential besties) on stage she's crossing group hangs and networking off her to-do list. And she still found a way to fit in some very adorable couples-activities and costume parties.
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Miley Cyrus

Even before she hosted the VMAs — in multiple outfits possibly created for the purpose of shocking parents everywhere — Cyrus was having a busy summer. Between topless photo sessions with her puppy and bedazzling her door, it's impressive she had time to rehearse.
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Kylie Jenner

The summer of 2015 was always going to be big for Jenner. Her high school graduation and eighteenth birthday were celebrated in style, of course, with plenty of glamorous group shots. The rest of the summer was all relaxing by the pool and celebrating her sister's b-day.
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Beyonce did low-key fun this summer. However, it was made complete with matching mother-daughter bathing suits, and mother-daughter flower appreciation with Blue Ivy. Isn't she adorable?
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Amy Schumer

This was the summer of Schumer, and somewhere between promoting and receiving much praise for, Trainwreck, she managed to pack a ton of partying in. She joined forces with another star who seriously knows how to have fun and document her exploits (J. Law) and gave some side-eye to a goat.
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Anna Kendrick

Even juggling a few upcoming movie projects, Kendrick managed to log some serious beach time. But in addition to the required lounging, she also fit in some tree climbing and chilling under rainbows.

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