Your Horoscope For This Week — Sep 06 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Change is in the air, stargazers — and early this week, it zings in at a fast and furious pace. On Tuesday, feisty Mars in Leo and impulsive Uranus in Aries team up, forming a progress-boosting trine (a 120 degree angle) in the skies. This only happens once in 2015, so make the most of it. How? By letting your inner unicorn take the wheel. With both planets in creative, flamboyant fire signs this is the week to unleash your wild side. Fly the freak flag, declare your independence, and tackle challenges head-on. BUT read the warning labels, too. The Mars-Uranus trine makes us prone to cockiness. The “fake it till ya make it” approach could backfire if we let our egos lead the way.

Having trouble shifting out of summer vacation mode? Swill those last few frozen margs this week. Then, get ready to roll up those sleeves. On Sunday, a solar eclipse in studious, systematic Virgo makes us eager to get back down to business again. Eclipses are like supercharged new moons, and this one could bring some exciting developments at work. Momentum picks up on all the projects we put off. Since eclipses bring hidden “shadows” to light, we could hit on some new opportunities that bring stability and profitability, too. Healthy living is the name of Virgo’s game, so hop off the poolside lounger and start hitting the gym! P.S.: This is the first of two eclipses in September. Circle the 27th for the follow up, which is a lunar (full moon) eclipse.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
You’ve got 99 problems, but a snitch ain’t one! Early this week, it’s okay to put people through some gentle loyalty tests. You need to know who has your back — and what you discover could be surprising. There are certain people in your life who never seem to have a problem asking others to do them a solid. And you’ve been quite the generous one. This week, it’s you who could use an extra pair of hands. But DO give people ample notice if you need them to return a favor. Even the “user-friendly” types have busy lives, but could show their beneficence if you are willing to work with their schedules (within reason).

Sunday is MAJOR! A solar eclipse in Virgo rocks the skies — the first to pop up in your sign since 2008! You’re back in the game — and thus, must stay on your toes. Do everything deliberately or don’t do it at all, because this is a moment where you decide what’s really worth investing your time in. The annual new moon is your astrological New Year, a time to make resolutions that are all about you. Set your sights six months down the road: What would you like to accomplish by then? With this super-powered new moon giving you wings, you could soar higher than you ever expected.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who are the people in your entourage? Early this week, some lively characters enter your realm and you just can’t get enough of their antics. But while these charismatic creatures come with high entertainment value, they may not have the enduring traits you need in a TRUE friend. Vet people carefully before giving them an all-access pass to your life, not to mention your other friends. One rotten apple can spoil the barrel and you don’t want to invite a troublemaker into your crew. But you might just meet someone who is both deliciously eccentric and totally dedicated — the best of both worlds! P.S.: There could even be a love connection with this wacky soul, so keep your heart open.

Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in your 12th house of fantasy passes you the rose-colored glasses once again. We’re not telling you to slip into denial here, but you SHOULD believe in your ability to turn lemons into cool, refreshing (and in your case, artisanal) lemonade. If you’ve been feeling more like a victim than a champion, this eclipse could bring some empowering guides who can help you pull yourself out of that rut. Reach up the ladder for support. A Yoda figure could appear to share wisdom and maybe even become your formal mentor for a while. The muse is in the house with this eclipse! Let creativity be your catharsis. Who knows? Six months from now, you could be submitting your work to Art Basel or signing a record deal. Someone you adore could use a little more compassion and compromise. While you don’t want to make a sacrifice that would be detrimental to YOUR progress, see if you could give a little in the name of strengthening your bond.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Set it and forget it? Yes, please! Early this week, the stars send you on an efficiency mission. What little tasks are zapping your time and energy, taking you away from the activities you actually enjoy? Pause from heads-down productivity mode to revamp your systems. Could you outsource, delegate, and even make a budget for some help? For the price of one decadent brunch per week, you could have a virtual assistant help you out for a few blessed hours. Download apps that help you lifehack and think of clever ways to multitask, like listening to an inspiring audiobook on your way to work.

Sunday’s solar eclipse in Virgo rocks your 11th house of community. With your (ahem) trust issues, it’s not exactly easy to get into your inner circle. But hey, once people make it through your loyalty tests, they’re in for life. This eclipse could illuminate a great new candidate for your entourage. You could also find a crew that speaks to your latest interests. Poke around and try out some group activities over the weekend. From sports teams to meditation circles, you’ll enjoy being part of a “soul collective” that is also supportive. Got ideas for an app, website, maybe your own YouTube channel? The 11th house rules technology and this eclipse helps you get your geek on. Like Scorpio Bethany Mota, you could make your mark on the world over the coming six months.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Step out and shine! This Tuesday, passionate Mars and eccentric Uranus host a banquet in your honor. No holding back, Sagittarius — especially when it comes to your offbeat ideas or wild romantic hares. An unconventional attraction may be sparked with someone from a different background, lifestyle, or planet (practically). Not a problem here: As the astrological ambassador of the zodiac, the differences are what draw you in. Coupled? Push yourself to be more playful and daring, both in and out of the sack. Pump up the volume on your style, too. That disco era pantsuit that’s been sitting in your closet? Yes, this week is finally the right time for its debut.

Keep that power suit handy for the weekend, though. Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo brings major momentum for your career. If a rep-boosting project or raise aren’t just handed to you, no sweat. Pursue like the power player you are. Mogul status could be yours in the six months to follow this eclipse. Be patient with the R+D process, though, and pay any dues that are still outstanding. (#startedfromthebottomnowwehere).
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — or wherever you happen to be dropping a Google Earth pin this week. On Tuesday, lusty Mars and quick-fire Uranus entwine in a sexy slow dance, creating magic behind closed doors. Finally! You could get a certain someone alone for a long overdue one-on-one. While this could very well refer to sexy time for many Capricorns, others among you could enjoy some awe-inspiring female bonding. Host a dinner date OR a girls’ night this week. Make sure you leave ample time for pillow talk or sharing all those secrets you’ve been keeping inside.

Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in your jet setting ninth house sparks your wanderlust. São Paulo, Cinque Terre, San Francisco? As the zodiac’s hardest working sign, you’re loath to take a vacation — at least one that’s not work-related. But you’ve finally hit your threshold and it’s time to go. Capitalize on low-season rates and add a new passport stamp. This eclipse could even reveal a friend from afar who is happy to host or apartment swap. If you can’t hop a plane now, schedule the vacay for the coming six months and start planning and prepping now. Entrepreneurial Capricorns — or those of you headed off to the ivory tower —will get a burst of momentum from the eclipse. Get plans underway for your empire or look into schooling and training programs to help you develop your skills.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Partnerships percolate with excitement early this week as your ruler Uranus gets frisky with passionate Mars. Be more daring in your interactions — both the romantic and platonic variety. Talking to “strangers” could yield some lively surprises, too. Strike up a conversation with people who intrigue you while you’re out and about. Asking the barista about his tattoos could lead to one of those heady, intellectual conversation you Aquarians live for — and maybe an invitation that could change your life. Coupled? Near Tuesday, be bold and express your ideas about how the relationship could be improved. Use your sense of humor here, though. You won’t get great results if you make your partner feel like the bad guy.

Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in your eighth house (a.k.a. the chamber of secrets) wants you to slip behind the scenes for a spell. Put down the selfie stick and set up your personal privacy policy. Oversharing might bring a few sympathy comments, but it also invites outside feedback that your autonomous sign doesn’t need. This eclipse helps you deepen a few key relationships — heck, you might even get engaged or start a business with your boo. Don’t move ahead without a solid exclusivity clause, though. For a change, it’s YOU who wants clarity about where you stand with people. Have you been heading for Splitsville? This eclipse could push you over the edge, giving you the courage to fly free from an unsatisfying alliance. Or you could meet someone who has “soulmate” written all over ‘em. Let the relationship develop slowly over the next six months.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Lather, rinse, repeat? Not this week. While you’ll certainly have to put in some time at the office, don’t just clock in and go through the motions. With motivator Mars and innovator Uranus in cahoots on Tuesday, it’s time to shake up your processes. Streamline your systems so you can work smarter, not harder. Use technology AND teamwork to get the job done more joyfully — so you can also enjoy a little more casual conversation with coworkers instead of canceling out their jokes and chitchat with your Beats. Think ahead, too: Where would you like to be professionally by the end of 2015? This week, take some bold action to get yourself there, even if that means creating a challenging assignment so you can grow and learn.

Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse activates your seventh house of partnerships. Double down, Pisces, it’s mergers and acquisitions time. Opposites attract, so don’t rule out anyone just because they’re not your usual type; in fact, this eclipse could bring a surprising attraction to someone who falls WAY outside your prior parameters. If you’ve been on a Tindering spree, swipe left on the casual hookups. This eclipse gets you interested in building something with another person. Existing relationships are ready for an exclusivity clause. You need certainty — and in some cases, a formal contract —in order to relax and explore the full potential of your pairing. Have “the talk” this weekend, but don't approach it from a place of worry or insecurity. Instead, spin a vision of the beautiful future you wish to co-create.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bet they didn’t see THAT one coming! The element of surprise works in your favor this week as your ruler Mars teams up with shock jock Uranus. You’ve always been a few steps ahead of your fellow Earthlings. Use that to your advantage to illuminate, delight, and entertain. But don’t be a rebel without a cause. Stirring the pot just because you’re bored — or worse, annoyed with certain people — could have deleterious effects on your important relationships. With Mars parked in Leo and your fifth house of amour, however, romance the object of your affections with a sultry surprise. (Get a room!)

On Sunday, let the lifehacking begin. A solar eclipse in Virgo and your efficiency-obsessed sixth house helps you create savvy systems and find apps that do the thinking for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking shortcuts if they make the Aries multiverse run with greater ease. Clear out the junk drawers (or just abolish the whole concept of them), cut excess expenses, and purge your fridge of half-eaten tubs of junk food. A health kick is on the agenda now, too. Start scouring your city for a studio or gym that you’ll actually enjoy attending. No pain, no gain? Maybe. But if it’s a workout you enjoy, you’ll barely notice that you’re breaking a sweat. News about a job offer could come this week, too; or an exciting project could land in your lap. Though you may feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew, the eclipse will lay down a challenge that is meant to help you grow. Perhaps it’s time to enlist and assistant, coach, or tutor to help you ascend.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
All is not quiet on the Taurus homefront this week. An issue that’s been bubbling in the background with a relative or roomie could hit the boiling point near Tuesday. While the explosion won’t be pleasant, you don’t have to run for cover. This situation has been swept under the rug for far too long. Bringing it out into the open will actually be a relief. Essential ingredients to bring to the table: compassion, sensitivity, and a willingness to forgive. Doling out tough love won’t help anyone. Think beyond being “right” and focus on finding win-wins.

Sunday brings the sparkle back! A solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo electrifies your festive and fashionable fifth house, getting you in the mood to dress up and celebrate. Your autumn lookbook quickly comes together. (Borrowed-from-the-band leather jacket? Check. Classic pinstripes? Nah.) You’ll have a knack for turning the mundane into the magical this weekend — especially when it comes to your love life. A fresh chapter of amour opens up with this eclipse and the relationship could develop fast. Ready to make your mark on the world? Make it easy for people to “discover” you, even if that comes with some shameless self-promotion. Almost famous won’t be good enough now. Over the coming six months, you can really make a name for yourself!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Hello, you silver-tongued-devil, you. Early this week, you have a way with words, captivating the crowds with your hilarious stories and witty quips. But while you’ll get major props as the raconteur, don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. It’s a little too easy to make promises now — ones you could forget to keep. To avoid being labeled a flake, put all commitments in your calendar before they slip your mind. Pick up the social organizer’s baton while you’re at it. Your Fall 2015 crew will assemble quickly with you as the nucleus. Sure, it would be nice if other people took charge of the plans for a change, but you’re just so good at it, Gemini! Embrace your talents and gather the troops.

Spend some time feathering your nest this weekend. Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in your domestic zone brings some changes to Chateau Gemini. With the burst of momentum from this eclipse, you could totally revamp your apartment, changing the color and decor in record time. If you’ve been unhappy with your home base, this is your prompt to finally do something about it. Eclipses reveal hidden opportunities — a dream listing could pop up while you’re sipping your morning espresso. Given that jet setting Jupiter is also in Virgo, you might be renting a U-Haul for a cross-country move. A woman you’d consider “a force of nature” could enter your world on the wings of the eclipse. Avail yourself to her, Gemini: She’ll be a powerful door-opener for you over the coming six months.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
All work and no play makes Cancer a dull creature. But what if you could combine the two so that work actually felt more like recess? Lift your nose from the grindstone and look around. Have you overlooked ways you could collaborate with your coworkers? You don’t have to labor silently behind the scenes until you have something impressive to show for yourself. Engage other people in the process — you’ll be amazed by the creativity that emerges from your collective brain trust. Networking could also spell money in the bank. Suit up and hit those industry events, especially near Tuesday!

On Sunday, your social butterfly wings start fluttering at a faster BPM. A solar (new moon) eclipse in your playful third house launches you out of your cocoon and into a new scene. You cherish old friends (and don’t exactly trust people overnight), but this lunar prompt is pushing you to expand your network. Kindred spirits pop up and you could meet your future BFF over the weekend. Explore new extracurriculars, too. This is the best way to discover underutilized sides of your dynamic personality.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bigger, stronger, faster! Your mind is on expansion this Tuesday, as motivator Mars in Leo syncs up with revolutionary Uranus. Instead of being a rugged individual, be a rugged individualist. Stay true to your originality and creativity, but don’t try to do everything all by yourself. Tap into technology and the spirit of community to meet your goals. There’s definitely strength in numbers now. Stay open to people who come from a different background — you might even travel or pick up a book that spells out the Eastern perspective on doing business or caring for your health. While you’re definitely a leader this week, stay humble, Grasshopper, because the Mars-Uranus mashup could bring an incredible sensei your way.

Is money burning a hole in your pocket? Alas, you can’t blame your tattered denim any longer, Leo. With Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo and your second house of finances, it’s time to kickstart a savvier financial system. A temporary austerity plan can help, but deprivation never lasts long for your hedonistic sign. Focus on your income column, too. On (or near) Sunday, a job offer could come in — even out of the blue, as eclipses have an element of surprise to them. Is there a gap in your skill set? Invest in training that will bump up your salary significantly over the coming six months. Remember: It doesn’t take a fortune to look like a million bucks. Polishing up your image a bit (even with a few Buffalo Exchange treasures) can draw more prosperity-minded people your way.