24 Moments When Kanye Was Actually Having A Really Great Time

In October 2014, Kanye made a rare appearance on Twitter to discuss why he's hardly ever seen smiling. "Not smiling makes me smile," he wrote.


He's not kidding, though. Not smiling is basically Kanye's brand at this point. (Remember that time he actually stopped laughing when he realized there was a camera on him?) And, it's not like he's a
Debbie Downer who insists on moping around the place. He's just a very serious person doing serious art in a world full of jerks who don't realize his importance.

But, sometimes Mr. West just can't help himself. Sometimes, life is just too dang good. In those moments, he lets his guard down, flashes those pearly whites, and enjoys the moment despite himself. He's only human, regardless of his own lyrical claims that he's a god.

Ahead, our favorite examples of when Kanye was actually having a great time.

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The U.S. Open? There might as well be Vaseline on this teeth!
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That time he had a bro night with Jay Z, and he kept his sunglasses on because that's when he's living his best life.
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Of course, Mr. West really enjoyed getting his honorary doctorate from the Art Institute Of Chicago. What a day!
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That time he was just so thrilled to be near Rashida Jones. Same, Kanye. Same.
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Who can forget that special day he spent with Ellie Goulding and Sienna Miller at the Burberry show in London?
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This time.
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That time Prince William, Prince Harry, and Diddy all hung out. It's just too much!
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That time he was positively delighted in his camel coat, over a practical sweater at the Maison Martin Margiela show.
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That day he met Hulk Hogan and remained extra chill.
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Who can forget that time he was reading a book on a sofa in London next to Kim? Such memories.
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Or that other time he was a male feminist and brought his daughter to work.
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Or when Seth Meyers welcomed Kanye as a guest on his late-night show. Fun!
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That time he had really great cell service in London. Can you hear me now? Good!
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Or that time he got a text at a Givenchy show. Exhilarating!
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How can we forget that time he met Ralph Lauren, his fashion idol?
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Who loves America? Yeezy loves America.
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Sometimes when he and Kim are sharing an inside joke, it's impossible not to laugh a little.
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What about that chance encounter with Tom Cruise? Mission Impossible: Not To Smile.
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That time Yeezy decided to just soak up the sun and thrive in Paris.
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Or when he and Kim attended the pre-Grammy brunch and he was just feeling so #blessed.
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That time James Harden had a birthday party and Kanye just couldn't help but feel so happy.
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Oh! And there was that one time he laughed at something Kelly Rowland said at a Lanvin show. She's so hilarious!
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That time he and Kim had a double-date moment with Pharrell Williams, and Helen Lasichanh, on the red carpet at the CFDA Awards.
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And remember that day he brought home an MTV Video Music Award in 2005? Life was just the best.

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