What Has Macaulay Culkin Been Doing For the Last 10 Years?

Macaulay Culkin turned 35 this week, and managed to stress out the internet in two distinct ways as many thought: we're so old and Christmas is in four months?! But, once the panic died down, you might have started to wonder what the former child star has been up to since his Home Alone days. Maybe you caught his great turn as the wheelchair-bound Christian rebel in Saved! Maybe you remember when his nearly decade-long relationship with Mila Kunis ended in 2011. But Saved! came out in 2004.

So, what has the most famous Culkin (though Kieran and Rory are gaining) been up to career wise for the last decade? He's been more visible than you might have guessed. From voice work to guest spots as himself, Culkin has probably been on your TV in the last ten years. And later this year, you can see him on the big (or small; we're not sure about the budget) screen again. He's in a very trippy-looking adaptation of Aladdin currently filming in Brooklyn.
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Robot Chicken (2005-2010)

It's good to see he has a sense of humor about his most famous role.
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Sex and Breakfast (2007)

Everyone knows the best way to save a failing relationship is to have group sex with strangers.
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The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015)

There would be fifty cameras up trying to be subtle about Instagraming Macaulay Culkin the barista.
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The Pizza Underground (2014)

Who knew covers of The Velvet Underground — performed in a setting filled with dangling pizza slices — could be so entertaining?
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"Leisure Inferno" (2012)

For over three months, Culkin was part of a New York art show up at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Animals in grass skirts were involved.