30 Under-The-Radar Stars You Should Be Crushing On

Having a crush on a celebrity is pretty standard. The question is, which celebrity? Of course there are the obvious choices like George, Channing, Mila, Brad, Angelina, and Taye. But that's the problem: They're obvious. They don't feel all that special. You have to share.

That's not really the case with the new batch of rising stars and lesser-known performers who have caught our eye in recent years. To some, a particular actor might be just some dude from that show. To us, he's a total babe magnet/future husband/reason to own a TV. The more unsung or random the crush is, the more unique and intimate it feels. Like, maybe you actually have a shot? Or, at the very least, would be the best candidate to form the first fan club?

It's a nice feeling. So nice, in fact, that we're wondering why we're letting you in on some of the obscure crushes we've got at the moment. Drool all you want, but remember: We call dibs.
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Karen Fukuhara

How's this for a debut? Best known for hosting programs on Japanese TV, the L.A.-based Fukuhara is set to take on her first major role in Suicide Squad. She'll play Katana, and we've already cleared a space for the action figure.
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Suraj Sharma

You might know this 22-year-old cutie from his roles in Life of Pi and the last season of Homeland, the latter of which saw him playing Carrie's doomed informant/lover. The boyishly handsome actor is currently film Burn Your Maps.
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John Boyega

If this British actor looks familiar, it's because you've seen him in the trailers and footage for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The things this man can do with a lightsaber.
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Ronen Rubinstein

Surely we're not the only ones who melted a little when Pennsatucky's old flame, Nathan, showed her the art of sweet, sweet love-making on Orange is the New Black. More, please!
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Brit Marling

The Keeping Room is delivering some major buzz for this blonde beauty. Bonus: She's a screenwriter, too, and used to be a freegan. Talented, cool, smart, thrifty. Love it.
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Toby Regbo

Young Albus Dumbledore grew into a dashing Brit who's currently playing King Francis II on Reign. God save the king — and protect his baby blues.
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Robert Sheehan

We've been crushing on this Irish actor since his turn on Misfits. What can we say? Curls and brogues leave us powerless.
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Zachary Booth

He played Glenn Close's son in Damages, and the destructive lover in Keep The Lights On. Now, Booth is heating up the small screen with roles on Person of Interest and Elementary.
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Rami Malek

We must have seen the Night at the Museum films dozens of times, and it's only now that Mr. Robot is on that we've realized just how dreamy this Egyptian-Greek actor's eyes are.
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Daisy Ridley

This rising star, another Star Wars: The Force Awakens castmember, is making big Hollywood moves. Gotta love an English rose.
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Rahul Kohli

We're not the only ones drooling over iZombie's Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, right?
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Adèle Exarchopoulos

We would legit spend two hours watching this Blue is the Warmest Color actress eat spaghetti.
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Jeremy Jordan

He sings, he acts, and he's in Supergirl. Alas, he's also married.
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Aidan Turner

Behold, the scythe-wielding star of Poldark. Benedict Cumberbatch is no longer the BBC's top babe.
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Domhnall Gleeson

Hello, Ginger Spice. The Irish star of Anna Karenina, About Time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Ex Machina is always worth watching.
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Gemma Chan

Thanks to Humans, everyone's got their eye on this stunning British actress, who plays synth Anita.
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Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Jack Huston

The best thing about Boardwalk Empire deserves some leading man love.
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Daveed Diggs

Qualifications: Great hair. Making waves in Hamilton. Solid rap skills. Degree from Brown. Need we say more?
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Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages.
Lola Kirke

Jemima's little sister is making her own way with roles in Gone Girl and Mistress America. Watch this space.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Matthias Schoenaerts

Fact: This Belgian actor is the sexiest man alive, with little of the credit. If you didn't swoon at the end of Far from the Madding Crowd, you're dead inside.
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Chris Geere

The star of You're the Worst is actually the best.
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John Gallagher, Jr.

Here's a headline The Newsroom missed: We're totally in awe of this Tony-winning star.
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Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex USA.
Torrance Coombs

All hail Reign's Sebastian and his incredible eyes.
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Cynthia Erivo

Everyone who has seen The Color Purple on Broadway is nodding their head in agreement right now.
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Bella Heathcote

Look for this Australian stunner in the upcoming film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
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Ben Rosenfield

Nucky Thompson's nephew is moving onto leading man status post-Boardwalk Empire thanks to roles in 6 Years and Song One.
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Skylar Astin

Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect love interest is the cute crooner of our dreams.
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Ben Mendelsohn

Hear us out: Though his Bloodline character is a mess, Mendelsohn's got a certain charm and energy that we love to watch. Sue us.
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Jenna Thiam

Watch the French version of The Returned, and get back to us. God, that hair.
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Iwan Rheon

Not for Game of Thrones, yes for Misfits.
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