These NYC Cats Are Breaking The Internet

Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
Watch out, Kim Kardashian. These cats are ready to #breaktheinternet.

Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo, Aja and Jack Dixon, have finally answered our prayers for an online magazine dedicated solely to interviewing and profiling some of New York's most famous cats. Meow Quarterly, as the publication is aptly named, catalogues the coolest cats in town (literally) — from Princess Monster Truck (a.k.a PMT), "the Joan Jett of the feline world," to the world's most popular touring cat circus, The Acro-Cats.

You’ve most likely already seen, or at least heard of, the stars profiled here: they’re YouTube famous, they’re bonafide celebrities, and they’re eating up their stardom every step of the way. And now that they’ve hit the top of the feline ranks, they're opening up (alongside their loving owners) about life out of the litter box and into the spotlight, dishing on everything from hashtags and fur, to the perks of being so much more than your average house cat.
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
Sam Has Eyebrows
"The source for everything viral: Reddit," his owner, Amanda Collado says, of how Sam was discovered. "Someone posted his photo and that was it. I went to bed with 800 followers and when I woke up the next morning, the number had doubled and I had phone calls from the media.

"Although he’s famous, he’s still a cat and cats (and their owners) know that they’ll do what they want. If he doesn’t want to take photos, I’m not going to make him. When I took him in, it was because I knew that I would be good caregiver and that he’d have a better life in my home than on the street. I still hold true to these principles no matter how famous he becomes. The most rewarding part of having Sam has been sharing him with the world and receiving positive feedback. Nearly 100% of the comments I receive are people saying that they love Sam and that his photos make them smile. It’s nice knowing that such a simple gesture can make people happy."
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
Princess Cheeto
"Taking pictures of Cheeto came pretty naturally," says her owner, Hugo Martinez. "Her willingness to pose for the camera was something that really caught my attention. The more photos I took, the more her very distinct personality would shine through. It has now become such a bonding experience for us, it sounds crazy but I really feel like Cheeto is my muse. She gives me daily inspiration and has captured my imagination in a way that very few things have before.

"When Cheeto isn’t the center of a shoot, she leads a pretty laid-back life, spending her time taking long naps in her silver shark bed and gazing out the window, daydreaming of Beyoncé, her human spirit."
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
Princess Monster Truck
"From the start, we always felt like she was a little monster that popped out of the bushes and decided to walk us home," her owners, Tracy and Bryce, explain. "She often makes crazy howling meows, while running around the house like a wild animal. Oftentimes in stories, monsters are characters that are misunderstood because they are different in one way or another. However, their uniqueness can just as easily make them a superhero. I like to think of Monster this way. We explained this to our friends when they met her. One of our friends kept calling her “Monstertruck” and our other friend said “She’s not a monster, she’s a princess!" And so she became Princess Monster Truck (PMT).

"Found in a bush on the streets of New York City, PMT is the Joan Jett of the feline world and a street cat success story if there ever was one. Ugly to some, beautiful to many and universally intriguing, her ink-black fur, two very recognizable snaggle teeth, and perma-smile (caused by a severe underbite) have endeared fans all over the globe."
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
"Sister is very elegant but also very lazy," says her owner, Sam Kalda. "I think lazy elegance is what obsesses most people with their cats. While I’m not interested in becoming a stage mom any time soon, hearing a number as high as 4 million makes me think Sister should start doing more to pull her weight around the house.

"She’s the center of our home life and I find my home to be the source of a lot of inspiration. There’s a great Jean Cocteau quote that kind of nails it: I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul."
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
"Ziggy is telling me a lot and at all times," owner Alexandra Baker says. "It’s funny, I definitely know different miaaows, from hunger, when she wants a fuss, when she wants to go out, or when she just simply wants a little chat. My neighbors have told me they’ve heard our conversations numerous times. I’ve always felt it be very important to talk and engage with your animals. I’ve talked to them my whole life, and have found, consequently, I’ve always had very vocal animals. I love talking to them. Always have. Not ashamed, one bit.

"Whenever I get back [from work], she punishes me for about an hour, acts like she doesn’t know who I am. Just watching me from the other side of the room, giving me evils. Then she comes around and doesn’t leave my side. She really is glued to me whenever I’m home, from the minute I wake, and when I go to bed, she follows me around."
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
"Well, aside from the typical qualities of the 'Exotic Shorthair' breed — like stubby legs and no neck — [Pugsley] is pretty special," says his owners, Emil and Julia. "For a cat, he hates cleaning himself. He pretends to clean himself up, but he doesn’t really do it. He really loves his dry food. And when he wants a fresh bowl, he’s the sweetest most lovable little guy ever. When he wants to play, he will get your attention and you can’t help but stop doing what you’re doing to play with him. On quiet nights around the apartment, he loves sitting on the couch with us while we read or watch a movie. It’s strange sometimes how social he is!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Meow Quarterly.
The Acro-Cats
"Traveling with the cats is wonderful; they are my favorite animals," Samantha Martin, the group's wrangler, explains. "A lot of them I’ve raised since they were kittens and I’ve even bottle-fed some of them, so there is a really strong bond between us. To be able to be around them 24/7 and see the country as well is the best of both worlds. We burn a lot of incense.

"The cats have the back part of the bus. The master bedroom is theirs and it’s decked out with perches, shelves, hammocks and toys — everything they could want. Some of the prima donnas have their own little condos because they don’t want to mingle with the rest. There are times, though, when they have the entire run of the bus as well. They are rarely caged. Actually, the only time the cats are caged is an hour before their performance. We put them in the carriers for the show and they come out to do their tricks and then they go back to their carriers. It’s good for them to have a place to go when and if they feel like they need to get away."