The Harry Potter Stars' Best Grown-up Roles

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Any doubt as to whether the child stars who rose to fame through Harry Potter would find careers after the final credits rolled was dispelled years ago. Radcliffe has thrived in a respectable theater career. Watson is about to become a Disney princess. Matthew Lewis (a.k.a. Neville) seems to be acquiring more and more career-boosting abs every day.

But which roles have separated the young stars from their magical past in the best way? For some, their most compelling roles have been in line with their HP characters. Others came into their own playing the complete opposite. From the actors who portrayed the Golden Trio to those who embodied minor characters, the HP kids are crushing it in Hollywood. They'll all have plenty of credits on their IMDb pages before it's time for them to be cast as professors in the reboot.
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Emma Watson: Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Watson hadn't yet learned how to completely lose her accent in the adaptation of the classic YA book, but the Brit inflection actually complimented her character well.
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Daniel Radcliffe: Wallace in What If
Radcliffe is at his best when he's playing blustery and adorable. And, of course, when he gets to keep his British accent. A close second is his performance in A Young Doctor's Notebook.
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Matthew Lewis: Tower Block in Bluestone 42
Just when you thought you might get sick of the internet reminding you how hot Neville has gotten, Lewis was cast in this abs-baring role. We owe a debt to the casting director on this one.
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Alfred Enoch: Wes Gibbons in How to Get Away With Murder
Though Enoch was very stately in Sherlock, his puppy-ish charm is truly showcased in HTGAWM, as — depending on the episode and your personal level of empathy — the only likable character (besides poor, poor Oliver).
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Luke Youngblood: Magnitude on Community
Youngblood gets all the best lines: first with the iconic, "10 points to Gryffindor!" as Lee Jordan and later, Magnitude's "Pop, pop!" Plus, the dude can dance.
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Tom Felton: James Ashford in Belle
Felton had a decade to perfect his "rich creep," and it's obvious he succeeded. As the racist, handsy, brother of Belle's suitor, he easily makes an audience recoil just by showing up on screen.
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Evanna Lynch: McKenzie Pryce in G.B.F.
Lynch could have made a career out of playing manic pixie dream girls à la Luna. But playing a mean girl showed she will not be typecast.
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Rupert Grint: Cheetah Chrome in CBGB
He pulls off that dog collar. He really does.