This 60-Year-Old Is Your New YouTube Beauty Guru

Age before beauty, isn't that how the saying goes?

Not so for 60-year-old beauty vlogger, mother of two, and grandmother of seven, Melissa55.

Jezebel came across her gem of a YouTube page, and all we can say is thank you. This Southern mega-babe has a "let's sit a spell and drink sweet tea on the porch," kind of vibe, in the best of ways.
Photo: YouTube/Melissa55

Living in a small town in Tennessee, Melissa55 shares her years of wisdom with thousands of followers who can't get enough of her ultra-feminine advice. Her beauty secrets are even a mystery to her husband. In one video titled, "How to Get a HairBump Overnight," Melissa55 says, “I sleep with my hair up most of the time so he doesn’t have any idea when I do this that I actually have a roller in my hair.”

Photo: YouTube/Melissa55

Apparently, her secret is not to moisturize. Melissa55 doesn't do it. Seriously. She swears by Retin-A and Retinol. And botox? No way. She even shares a video with her "old lady" workout routine. Can she just be our grandmother already? Her sassy attitude and zest for life are something we could all use more of.