What It's Like To Be A Foster Mom To Cats

Beth Ostrosky Stern may be best known as the blonde bombshell wife of radio host turned America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern, but the TV personality is much more than that.

To say she is an animal lover would be a massive understatement. Beth is an avid North Shore Animal League America advocate, and she fosters dozens of kittens at a time. Her Insta is filled with the most adorable cat pics, plus the heartwarming stories of those that find their "forever homes."

What's refreshing is that Beth shows all aspects of fostering — it isn't snuggles and cat selfies all the time. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. Some even have disabilities. For instance, Beth's cat Bella is blind, while another foster, Buddy, has no eyes at all. Beth doesn't shy away from showing those issues, or the hard work of dealing with many, many litter boxes.

If Taylor Swift made cat ladies cool, Beth Stern is making their tiny kitty voices heard. Up next, Beth's brood in all its furry glory. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.
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Fostering cats can mean little-to-no privacy. At least Beth is keeping it real: "Trying to pee in peace and Mr Friendly Peter Parker pushed the bathroom door open and jumped on my lap.... #PeeingAndTexting ❤️"
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Susie and Sosie look like double the trouble, but also double the cuteness. Where do we sign up?
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World, meet Beth's sweet foster, Buddy. In this shot, Howard apparently thought he looked like a polar bear.
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This sweet little guy escaped from Beth's foster room. Good thing you can't be mad at that face.
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A close-up look at Buddy. What a trooper, man. As Beth says, #noeyesfullheart.
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Cue all the feels. Thanks for stealing our hearts, Dolly, Susie, and Sosie.
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Cat staring contest. We can't. Or as Beth says, " Yoda telling LuLu she better be a good girl in her new home. ?"
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These two rascals ended up at the same forever home — hooray!
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Dolly and her proud new papa.
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Oh, Melvin. We're confused too.
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"Buddy thinks he's hiding. LOL."
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Watch out: Susie and Sosie trying their best to be sneaky.
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We bet Ozzy Osbourne's new forever family melts when they look at that face, too.
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Even cat sisters have 'tude with one another.
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Strike a pose, Susie.
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Is this what cat heaven looks like?
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We're suckers for a good cat costume. Happy birthday, Beth's former foster Norman!
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Another kitty meets its new owner. Welcome home, Juliet.
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