Beauty Products To Keep You Sane During Venus Retrograde

If you've found yourself feeling inexplicably lustful, aching for an old flame, or just confused about love in general this month, the good news is, it’s not you — it’s Venus Retrograde. Unlike the more well-known Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde comes around every 18 months and fucks with your head and heart monumentally. Not that love isn’t always confusing, but from July 25 to September 6, things will definitely feel more…erratic.

Venus is the planet that rules beauty, creativity, relationships, love, and art. So although this can be a great time to find new inspiration for creative projects, it’s advised not to start new relationships, break up with someone, or think with your genitals during this time.

But for those of you who are like me and love to do things you aren’t supposed to do, the stress can be taxing on your psyche — and your skin. Here are eight products to keep you looking flawless while juggling your work, love life, and trying to stay sane through this retrograde.
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I don’t know a single person who's tried this and doesn’t love it. I’m eternally grateful to Annie over at Glossier for introducing me to this, because I don’t think I could ever go back to regular old ChapStick. Not only does it smell amazing and leave your lips feeling pillowy-soft (perfect for making out!), but you can also use it as a skin salve. I like dabbing mine on my cheeks for a soft highlight that leaves me smelling like a tropical goddess.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom, $12, available at Glossier.
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I have an unhealthy coconut-water obsession, so when I saw this — and found out I could spray it on my skin, and it would be just as soothing and hydrating as drinking it — I was sold. Infuse it with rose and hibiscus, and I’ve ascended to heaven. Herbivore Botanicals is one of my favorite brands making 100% natural products, and its face mists are some of my top picks for rehydrating after shedding a few tears over boys.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist, $32, available at Herbivore Botanicals.
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If you’d like your hands to look as sexy and intimidating as possible when you go get the rest of your stuff from your ex after a breakup, paint your claws with this Tom Ford color. Trust me.

Tom Ford Beauty Nail Lacquer in Viper, $35, available at Bloomingdale's.
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I don’t know what kind of magic Kiehl’s puts in its products, but this one is a sunscreen and anti-aging cream that also re-texturizes your skin. Jasmonic acid and beech-tree extract help make your skin firm and supple, and the SPF 30 is a lifesaver for people like me who never remember to wear sunscreen. I also use it by itself to look alive after a long night or when I'm just too busy trying to end patriarchy to put makeup on.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream SPF 30, $82, available at Kiehl's.
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Smelling good and staying moisturized are among my top priorities in life, and this body scrub ensures both of those things. It’s rare that I don’t use a moisturizer after showering, but after exfoliating with this frangipani and rice-milk concoction, my skin is so soft and glowing. I usually spend the rest of the day telling people to sniff me and touch my arms to feel how silky I am.

Rituals Mandi Lulur Body Scrub, $29, available at Rituals.
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I know this is blasphemous, but I’m kind of over lipstick. It bleeds, leaves stains, and, most importantly, renders it impossible to make out gracefully. Lip pencils, on the other hand, are useful for lining your lips and for filling them in. They usually last all day, even without touchups, and don’t leave evidence on anything and everything your lips come in contact with.

Although brownish reds are generally seen as outdated, this Laura Mercier shade is one of my favorites and keeps with the “sexy and intimidating” theme, which feels empowering when rejecting the unwanted advances of men.

Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Red Chocolate, $23, available at Nordstrom.
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There are few things I love more in the world than a good face mask. Though I’m known for preaching the gospel of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, when I want to splurge and take it to the next level, this Charlotte Tilbury clay mask is my first choice. I don’t think there’s any better feeling than slathering your face with this after a stressful day and washing it off to see your skin looking ethereal. It’s that good.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, $70, available at Charlotte Tilbury.
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Taking a bath in the unbearable summer heat sounds awful, I know. But bear with me, because one soak in this concoction and being in a steaming-hot tub will actually start to seem appealing. The Coconut Milk and Honey infusion is my favorite, and I love starting my day with this super-early in the morning. The bath soaks come in a variety of scents and are full of essential oils — and every single one smells like a tropical vacation.

Pure Fiji Coconut Milk and Honey Bath Soak, $37.95, available at Pure Fiji.
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