12 Instas That Remind Us Why We Love Festival Season

It's August, people. If you haven't yet had your fill of outdoor concerts, it's time to get on that! Already this season, thousands of music fans have donned their best and quirkiest, painted their bodies, crowned their heads with flowers, and waded into the masses to dance and sway with kindred spirits. They've jumped in the mud and trudged through the dirt to get from stage to stage, wandered into sets of their new favorite band they'd never heard of until just then, and raced to hear that DJ someone told them about before trekking out for the headliner they've loved since high school. In the wee hours, they stumbled into their tents or luxury hotels or friend's couches, their ears ringing, their limbs aching, to catch just a tiny bit of sleep before doing it all again the next day. Here we've gathered a few gorgeous shots from fans and performers at Lollapalooza, HARD Summer, Outside Lands, Bonnaroo and other fests, to look back at the crazy fun that was had there. They will definitely inspire you to get out to the next big fest coming your way.

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Lasers are everything, especially in black and white. You can see the heart-thumping magic that was Alesso's set at Lollapalooza here.
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Tired of being the short girl who can never get a good view of the stage? Turn yourself into a tree! Or, well, just imagine that's how this Grant Park shrubbery got its eyes for Lollapalooza.
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As if the name wasn't proof enough, this blazing shot YouTube star Stephanie Villa snapped for @secretdeodorant proves that for 48 epic hours, Hard Fest wasn't afraid to go big or go home.

Epic Fireworks On The First Night Of Hard Fest, August 1
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Correct use of the word literally: "Quite literally getting lit with @thechainsmokers. Burned my armband getting these shots," wrote photographer Shea Flynn of this fiery pic from backstage at Lollapalooza.
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Sometimes festivals leave their mark on you. Sometimes you have to leave your mark on them. These flower-powered girls expressed themselves at Lolla.
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Even at a giant festival like Lolla, there are moments when you can almost reach out and touch your fave musicians. Here's Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph reaching out to the fans. Be careful up there
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Now here's flower power, S.F. style. A fashionista makes her blooming artistic statement at Outside Lands.
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This Instagram page is devoted to "Festival Jerrys," defined as "An individual that demonstrates a true lack of understanding on how to present themselves at festivals, shows, concerts or events." But as this pic was taken at Outside Lands, we would like to argue that there is no such thing.
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You go to Bonnaroo for the music, of course. But those brief moments of peace in the early hours on the campground are pretty freaking great, too.
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Maybe they're in line to get in. Maybe they're just in line for the high fives. Life is like that at Bonnaroo.
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We might need to get just a little bit closer to the stage, guys ... (At Sziget 2015, in Budapest.)
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Yeah, it must be nice to get all that love from the crowd (at Hard Summer). Even security got in on this one.