Ashley Olsen Shows Weather Doesn't Get In The Way Of A Good Outfit

Photo: AGNY/ AKM Images/ GSI Media.
Ashley Olsen's style is as timeless as it is seasonless. This has never been more clear than last week, when the designer stepped out in a full-length jumpsuit in New York's 75% humidity. She took it a step further by layering a long-sleeved button-up under her one-piece.

The wide straps of Ashley's suit cross at the front, almost like the bib on a pair of overalls. For added ventilation, she rolled up the sleeves of her satiny blouse, unbuttoning the front to put a retro chain necklace on display.

Given the weather report, we salute her commitment to the suited-up look. While not the ideal situation for a leisurely brunch en terrasse in the late-summer swelter, Olsen's ensemble bolsters our jumpsuits-to-work argument. Yes, they're 9-to-5-friendly. Yes, they keep your limbs covered in an overly air-conditioned office. Yes, they look damn sophisticated. After all, Ashley basically rolled all your weekday staples into one: sleek trousers, silky blouse, closed-toe heels.

What better outfit inspiration on a Monday? Click through to copy Olsen's layered ensemble this week.
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Photo: AGNY/ AKM Images/ GSI Media.
Ashley Olsen made her way into the very humid city last week in a silky blouse (folded up at the sleeves) and a wide-legged jumpsuit, possibly forgetting that it happens to be mid-summer.
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The dramatic V-neck can be worn bare for a night out on the town, but then be covered up enough (with a button-up underneath) for your 9-to-5.
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There's not a plunging neckline that a satin blouse can't make office-friendly.
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The angular toe gives this classic pump a contemporary feel.
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How does Ashley Olsen ensure her carryall meets all her schlepping needs? Well, she designed it herself.
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A simple, wear-everyday chain necklace that doesn't feel overdone.
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Aviators mean business.

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