Where London's Coolest Girls Want To Holiday

Oh, boy oh boy. There's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up, and for the first time in what feels like ages, there's no out-of-town wedding claiming it. You can go where you like and do what you like, and then Instagram the hell out of it to make everyone else jealous. It's your turn to be the smug jet-setter. The only problem is, where on Earth are you going to go?

You could spin a globe or point blindly at an atlas. You could stick to the cheapest RyanAir and EasyJet fares. Or you could get some first-rate recommendations and inspirations from some of the coolest gals in London. These in-the-know influencers have some dream destinations, from Havana to Hawaii, we wouldn't mind tagging along to. All you need is a passport, an adventurous spirit, and the travel tips included within. Bon voyage!
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Amber Atherton, Founder Of My Flash Trash Jewellery Range

"I would love to visit Hawaii. I know my imaginary picture of it is completely unrealistic and distorted largely by childhood fantasies prompted by Blue Crush and Lilo & Stitch. But I can totally see myself attempting to surf and saying 'aloha.' I'd set up camp with a fun group of friends at The Four Seasons, then wander off, Life Aquatic-style, on a boat to hop around all the different islands on an adventure to find sharks/dolphins/seahorses to take blurry underwater photos of and post on Instagram. Would definitely get some volcano action, too, and learn how to play the ukulele with friends, watching the sunset."

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Angela Scanlon, TV Presenter

"I host a travel show, so my idea of a holiday has definitely changed! I get to visit amazing places and do pretty incredible things, so when it comes to actual real-life holidays, I want total and utter relaxation. I try to trick people into coming places where there is no phone reception or WiFi, so we can pretend to go back in time and actually switch off from life for a bit.

"Right now, I am desperate to go to Cuba with my lovely husband, dancing in Havana, drinking lethally strong sugared coffee, and smoking a cigar. It feels like such a vibrant and wonderful city — the colours, the people, the food. Everything about it intrigues me.

"My next trip, however, is a little closer to home! I'm off to Lime Wood Hotel for a weekend of total restoration. I plan on wearing slippers everywhere and don't have any intentions of getting dressed. Long walks (in my slippers), massage, daytime snoozing, amazing food, morning bubbles: IDEAL."
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Georgina Campbell, BAFTA-Winning Actress

"I would love to go to Jamaica. It’s such a gorgeous island, and I have family over there, but I haven’t had the chance to go over yet. I would drink plenty of rum-based cocktails and laze by the beach.

"My travel tip is to dress comfortably. Style is definitely not for the airport! Make a game of it and see what is the most hideous yet comfortable clothing you can wear so that you feel all kinds of comfort whilst simultaneously embarrassing your travel companion. Also bring a book!"
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Alannah Sparks, Women's Fashion Editor At Farfetch.com

"My ultimate summer involves the perfect balance of partying, discovering, and relaxing. That's the mix that's guaranteed to leave me with enough happy memories to get me through the winter. My ​husband ​is a DJ and promoter, so our summers normally involve short hops to Ibiza, Croatia, or Berlin for festivals or parties, and that always calls for proper recuperation in between. A big villa with friends or family close to the sea and with lots of good food and wine is the ultimate tonic for city-weary souls.

"This summer, we'll go to Sicily with my husband's family to feed up on spaghetti and almond granita, and I'll take a few days with just the two of us in a boutique hotel on the other side of the island — in amongst the whirl of friends and family, it's important to grab time for just us. I like to try and work in one new place each summer, because travelling is all about opening your eyes. This summer, I'm taking my mum to Istanbul for her birthday. I've never been and have wanted to visit for years, so that should round out the summer perfectly, and guarantee times to remember."
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Rose Mann, Co-Founder Of Farm Girl

"My dream holiday has always been watching gorillas in the Congo. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have never had the chance.

"This summer, though, Farm Girl co-founder Anthony and I have got a pretty dream trip planned. We’re heading back to one of our favourite hotels, the Parker in Palm Springs, then on to L.A. The healthy café scene in L.A. is so advanced, so we’ll be doing lots of eating in search of inspiration. We’re going to Burning Man after; the atmosphere there is so great. It’s a sharing community, there’s no money, and there's such a variety of people. I love it! I can’t wait!"
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Serafina Sama, Isa Arfen designer

"I would go to Formentera, Spain. I have been spending most of my summer holidays there since I was a child, so it holds many precious memories. I adore its wild vegetation, crystalline beaches, and relaxed vibe.

"On a typical day, I would have breakfast at Ca Na Pepa at Sant Francesc and stop by MUY to buy their handmade wooden clogs. I'd pass by Il Mundo Insolito for some vintage finds and to see the eclectic collection of chic summer clothes that the owner, Daisy, designs and makes out of the textiles she sources and develops all around the world during the winter months. We'd go to one of the many dreamy beaches for a swim and stop for lunch at Es Codol Foradat on Playa Migjorn for some Almejas (clams) and Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potatoes and paprika). After a long siesta, it's time for sundowners at Sunsplash or at Lucky on Playa Migjorn, where on a good evening I will end up singing along to Italian pop songs to the top of my lungs. We'd have a late dinner at Can Carlos for some beautiful Italian food or invite friends for a barbecue at home, then head to San Ferran for some live music in the square or some chupitos of Hierbas Ibicencas at Fonda Pepe bar."
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Sophy Robson, Celebrity Nail Artist

"I've been invited to Mykonos in the Greek islands for a shoot. It's somewhere I have always wanted to go! It looks so beautiful with all the clean white buildings against the rich blue sky. I can't wait to jump off a boat into the sea, which is literally one of my favourite things in the world.

"In August, I plan to go back to Spain (I'm a regular visitor to Ibiza) and do some more painting. Since doing nail art, I have developed a love of spray painting, and Marbella is the perfect place for me to do it. I also want to launch Nail-Its over there with my friend, who has a lipstick brand called MDMflow. We want to do some events together. It's going to be a perfect mix of work and pleasure. I will be packing my favourite Soda Pop thong bikini and all my short skirts and shorts I never get to wear in London, as it's been really horrible weather."
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Phoebe Lettice, Creative Director At Illustrated People

"My ultimate fantasy vacation is in the heart of the Amazonian jungle, because it would be the most beautiful and fun place to explore. I dream of sleeping on those giant lily pads, staring up the monkeys and frogs in the trees while an anaconda swims past. I would obviously pack all of the necessary antidotes, medicine, and equipment for being in that environment, but I would only really want my camera kit and my friends to share the experience with."
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Lucy Williams, Fashion Me Now Blogger And Consultant

"South America is one bit of the world I haven't explored much of and would love to get to. I have my sights set on Bahia and Salvador in particular, and would love to stay at small but perfectly formed beach boltholes like Uxua and The Butterfly House. I have visions of early-morning yoga followed by sun, sea, and surf before eating fresh seafood under the stars and partying like only the Brazilians know how.

"I'd pack my Kiini crochet bikini, Factor 50, vintage Levi's cutoffs, and beach cover-ups from Asceno, Cloe Cassandro, and Zimmermann. I'd head there with my boyfriend, Jamie, who would love taking photos on his old film cameras while I'd be preoccupied with reading, hunting out local shops for souvenirs, and walking down the beach before sunset. Living such hectic lives here in London, I think it's the laid-back, no-shoes-needed vibe that really appeals... "
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Phoebe English, Fashion Designer And Creator Of Floating Falling Drowning Flying

"I would love to go on a road trip all around America. I love the idea of moving at a fast pace whilst being on holiday. My dad did a piece of land art in the late '70s where he hitchhiked across the whole country, and I would love to see all the things he saw on that trip.

"I am also very lucky to have been able to go to a very special place in Antrim in Northern Ireland throughout my whole life. It is one of the most stunning places, with absolutely awe-inspiring coastlines and glens. You can walk from the tops of vast peat bogs on the cliffs to ancient woods encrusted with moss to stretching cave-lined beaches in minutes. It has such a rich plant life, and it's the closest place to heaven. It's also where pretty much all of Game of Thrones is shot, so it's a bit more touristy and less barren nowadays!

"In terms of travel, I like wilderness, countryside, and bleak English coastlines. I think it's because so much of my work takes place in cities like London and Paris, so I like to go somewhere as different to those places as possible. My favourite travelling companions are my boyfriend, Sam, and my cousin Katy."
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Harriet Vine, Co-Founder Of Tatty Devine

"At the moment, I am craving a trip to Italy, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, and all those famous vistas. The bright blue sky, bright colours, and strange chic that leaked out into the world in the '80s... The whole Memphis style and columns, statues, and ruins are my current obsession. I want to see a hundred kinds of marbles and crazy feats of engineering and artistry from another time that take your breath away and conjure up stories from other worlds.

"I would go alone with a sketchbook, then sneak into the Roman Forum at dawn when there were no other people, take photos on film of the patterns in marble, and eat ice cream. I would draw, look, watch, and wonder at the ingenuity of people. I would go on cooler nighttime adventures into run-down nightclubs with '80s interiors. I would swim in outdoor pools with Hockney-pink buildings framing lemon trees against bright blue skies and drink Campari."
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Eimear Varian Barry, Stylist, PR, And Instagram Influencer

"Is it bad that the ultimate holiday for me would be alone? I'm a bit of an extroverted introvert. Even though I am a mother now, my lust for exploring alone is still alive. But I don't think it could be for more than five nights. I would miss Saoirse too much!

"I have travelled and worked all around the world, but have never been to Cuba. I am hoping to get there before Christmas if I can. I would go to Cayo Coco, then work my way down the coast and finish up at Havana. I have this vision of having a Planter's Punch in a café at the corner of a dusty, beige street with old men on saxes and double basses. I'm a bit obsessed with Cuba.

"I would take one pair of flats, which I could wear in the daytime or to dinner at night, one pair of flip-flops for the beach, three pieces of swimwear, an oversized white shirt for lunch on the beach, two pairs of sunglasses, an LBD, and another couple of fitted dresses for nighttime. Oh, and an eye-catching beach bag! Beauty-wise, D&G La Tempérance (my favourite perfume) and some of that tan-enhancer after-sun stuff is always good!"