These 8 Children's Books From The '90s Deserve Their Own Movie

The first full trailer for the Goosebumps movie has dropped, bringing all your childhood nightmares to life. Consider this a nice reprieve from your adult nightmares. After all, evil garden gnomes are far less scary than student loans.

While it may seem like the string of kids and YA books receiving their own film adaptation is endless, not enough attention is being paid to the classic kids books of the '90s. Granted, The Giver was an obvious misstep.

There's a little bit of every genre in this round-up of eight '90s books and series alone, from sci-fi to comedy to female driven action and adventure (there is, after all, going to be a Katniss-shaped hole in film after this November). Maybe it's time for Hollywood to take a brief break from pouring over new manuscripts and take a tip from the internet and bet on nostalgia.

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1. The Making Out Series By Katherine Applegate

The best part of these books were the covers, which summarized the plots in the exact same way you'd explain an episode of Dawson's Creek to your friend. The movie version should definitely be produced Scott Pilgrim style, with plenty of cartoon hearts flying.
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2. Weetzie Bat By Francesca Lia Block

How, how has this classic YA novel made it through more than twenty-five years without a movie? There have been whispers (I'm hopeful), but without an IMDB page, I'm not convinced. The dreamy L.A. tale seems perfect for Sofia Coppola, who's already a pro at capturing the many facets of adolescence (all with a great soundtrack).
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3. The Dear America Series

So, some of the Dear America books have already gotten mini-movies, but the series really needs the big screen treatment. I mean, they were already the fanciest series at the book fair, with built-in ribbon bookmarks and everything. Maybe an Hours-style generation-connection could link a few of the books?
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4. The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids Series by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones

These books would actually make a perfect new Netflix series, hopefully with some 21st century twists.
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5. Amelia's Notebook By Marissa Moss

Amelia's Notebook was the original Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and while that kid has his own Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, poor Amelia just has a short animated special. If there are five Ice Age movies, there can be at least one full-length Amelia movie.
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6. The Anastasia Series By Lois Lowry

Though Lois Lowry (of The Giver or Number the Stars fame, depending on which horribly sad novel you were assigned as a small child) started publishing the chronicles of Anastasia Krupnik in the '70s, they continued well into the '90s, introducing a new generation of kids to the very enterprising pre-teen. The film could introduce her as a Harriet the Spy type of heroine without the journalism ambitions.
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7. The Animorphs Series By K. A. Applegate

Katherine Applegate was the queen of '90s kid and teen lit, pumping out the series that introduced you to sci-fi in addition to the series you picked up when you kind of started wishing the creatures would kiss. And yes, there was a classic Animorphs TV series (starring the X-Men, not Smallville, Ashmore brother). I think we can all agree an Animorphs movie would be more welcome than a second live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.
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8. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle By Avi

The Wikipedia page for True Confessions reads like its own YA novel titled The Case of the Aging Actress. The forever in limbo project, is burning through prospective actresses as they continue to age as the project is stalled. Though, Stockard Channing played a teen in Grease at the age of 34, so I feel like a little movie magic could make Saoirse Ronan and Dakota Fanning passable thirteen-year-olds. Charlotte Doyle was the badass of '90s kid lit, and could definitely fill Katniss' shoes after Mocking Jay-Part II.