It's Official: These Are L.A.'s 5 Best Food Trucks

PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.
As far as Los Angeles stereotypes go, at least one big one is true: We love eating from food trucks. So much that L.A. has become a city filled with them, serving everything from cutesy cupcakes to decadent grilled cheese sandwiches. They come with clever names (Egg Slut, Let's Be Frank), alert their hungry customers to their daily whereabouts via Twitter, and offer dishes nobody would ever guess came from a kitchen on four wheels.

Of course, this begs the question: How does one navigate the wide array of choices? You could eat your way through hundred of trucks in pursuit of the best — or just read a book from a veteran food writer who already did. The latter option, which is the no-brainer best choice, comes in the form of the just-released Los Angeles Street Food by Farley Elliott.

What can you expect from the book? "It's equal parts history and exploration," Elliott told us. That means you'll get the backstory of our city's cultural food revolution, plus the good stuff: A guide to the best trucks and what to order. But don't worry, we've tapped Elliott for his top five picks to get you through the week before Amazon ships your book order.

Ahead, Elliott's top five expert food truck picks, where to find 'em, and what to order. Bon appétit!
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PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.

Where To Find Them: "Always roving, the Kogi truck still plays true to its original mantra, to serve great food to anyone, anywhere. There are Orange County stops, high-end Westside nights, and everything in-between. Check out the ongoing calendar at to find your next meal."

What To Know: "
[Gourmet food trucks] really started with Roy Choi’s Kogi truck...Without him, the scene wouldn’t look at all like it does today."

What To Order:
"L.A.’s most iconic gourmet fusion truck hasn’t lost its luster. [Order] the short rib tacos, especially if you’ve never had them. They’re a taste of living history, but feel as relevant now as ever. The blackjack quesadilla is dynamic and soulful as ever, even as the scene around Kogi has continued to change."
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PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.
Mariscos Jalisco

Where To Find Them: "Daily, at 3040 E. Olympic Boulevard, Boyle Heights."

What To Know: "The first thing to know about Mariscos Jalisco is to expect a line. Once you’ve weeded though that, look for high-quality seafood options, from tostadas to their unstoppable fried shrimp tacos dorados."

What To Order: "The tacos dorados are, possibly, the best single taco option in Los Angeles, though more advanced eaters should head for the Poseidon, a no-holds-barred seafood tostada."

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PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.
Super Tortas D.F.

Where To Find Them: "Early evenings and weekends at East 41st Street and Central Avenue in South L.A."

What To Know: "
Friendly service and lots of torta options are the norm here, though as the evening wears on, you’ll find most eaters coming just to gobble up the massive Cubano torta."

What To Order:
"The Cubano, hands down. It’s as overstuffed and decadent as any meal you’ll enjoy in this city."
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PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.
Tacos Los Guichos

Where To Find Them: "Open daily on Slauson Avenue, just east of the 110 Freeway."

What To Know: "Once a weekend-specific parking lot operation doing top-notch carnitas, this South L.A. standard bearer has become equally well known for their al pastor. Both are presided over by stellar taqueros who take real pride in their craft."

What To Order: "
The al pastor. The carnitas here are absolutely fantastic, but there’s something special about the porky marinated option here — it’s one of the best in the city."

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PHOTO: COURTESY OF Farley Elliott.
Guerrilla Tacos

Where To Find Them: "The truck parks in front of coffee shops and wine bars across the city. Though more often than not, they’re in the Arts District downtown. Follow them @guerrillatacos to find out."

What To Know:
"From former fine dining chef Wes Avila, [Guerilla Tacos] is doing some of the most inventive and flavorful tacos around, using high-end ingredients to showcase his uniquely Angeleno perspective."

What To Order: "The menu is always changing, but if the egg and bacon taco is on, it’s a must."