This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Hangovers

Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
It's not all Prince Charmings and happily ever afters for Disney princesses — or at least not when their stories get funneled through our twisted imaginations. Sometimes we amuse ourselves by imagining what might happen when our favorite animated heroines have a little too much to drink and pay for it later. Maybe Snow White stumbles upon an open bar in the woods. Or Ariel makes tequila shots part of her Whole New World. Cinderella's just like us on our less flattering days, so maybe she has a few too many mojitos before the clock strikes midnight and loses her new look. And Belle? Well, the whole provincial town knows what she's been up to. Why shouldn't these ladies let loose a little?

Click through for a glimpse into our far-fetched take on what could go down when the most perfect princesses throw a few too many back. It happens to the very best of us.

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Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
Mirror, Mirror At Last Call

Went to bed happy. Woke up feeling bashful, grumpy, sneezy, sleepy, and dopey when I saw the gross short guy in my bed. Might need to go see a doc.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
Three Colors To The Wind

"Have you ever hailed a cab in the rain under the blue corn moon,
Or asked the grinning catcaller why he grinned? (Don't.)
Can you dance all night in a vinyl dress from Rainbow?
'Cause I did that three colors to the wind."

Don't tell Grandmother Willow.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
The Swim Of Shame

What would I give to live in a neighborhood that wasn't so full of judgey people up early on Saturday morning? Don't be such a guppy!
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Tale As Old As Wine

Never go drink-for-drink with the Beast.
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Salaga-doola, menchika-boola, bibbidi-bobbidi-booze. Put them together, and what have you got? The worst effing hangover of my life.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
I'll Make A Great Story For My Friends Out Of You

I'm gonna ignore your texts so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.
Magic Carpet Burns

My three wishes? 1) All of the Tylenol. 2) A bacon, egg, and cheese. 3) For someone to please call my phone. I can't find it anywhere. Yeah, I think I had it earlier. Oh shit, I think it's on vibrate! Shhhhhh!