Your Horoscope For This Week — Jul 26 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Release the unicorns! The weird is wonderful this week, thanks to Friday's full moon in offbeat Aquarius. Stargazers, this summer brings another opportunity to fly the old freak flag and let originality reign supreme. Aquarius is the governess of technology and community, too. All those bright, “You know what would make an awesome app?” ideas you’ve joked about over mojitos could be worthy of exploration. And yep, it’s teamwork that makes the dream work under this lunar spell. To pick up the pace on stalled projects, turn them into collaborative efforts! Sharing the pie is not a net loss if there’s a bigger pastry to slice from. Bonus! This full moon is the culmination of TWO new moons in Aquarius — a supermoon on January 20 and its sequel on February 18 that launched the Chinese Year of the Sheep. Bring a bigger basket to the harvest and enjoy a more bountiful manifestation of the seeds that were planted earlier this year.

Speaking of our sweat-off-the-brow efforts, there’s another turn towards productivity this week. On Saturday, hardworking Saturn flips out of a low power retrograde that began back on March 14. And since June 14, it slipped back into intense, moody Scorpio for the final encore of a three-year journey. We’ll weather the mysterious and shadowy vibes of Saturn in Scorpio until September 17 (then not again until 2041...thank heavens). With Saturn in direct motion, our strategic moves could show major signs of success. Turn on the charm — and the sex appeal! Heavy-hitting Saturn in Scorpio can help us seal major every sense of the expression. Meow!

Correction: This story originally stated that this week's full moon is on Wednesday. It is actually this Friday.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who will be the RPattz to your FKA Twigs? This Wednesday’s full moon in Aquarius lights up your seventh house of relationships, helping you focus in on a golden match. Leo, this could even be someone you’ve known for a while. Under the “anything goes” glow of this full moon, you may finally see the romantic potential between you. Already attached? Your relationship could be nudged to the next level or you could join forces on an exciting co-created mission. Two is your magic number in all realms of life.

A business collab could go solid gold over the upcoming two weeks. If things have been rocky with your boo, you might decide to go your separate ways, too. On Saturday, stable Saturn snaps out of a four-plus month retrograde and powers forward through your domestic zone until September 17. Getting your home life in order will be a major mission over the next six weeks. Evict toxic roomies and find a truly great place to put down roots. Saturn may push you to make a tough love decision about someone in your inner circle now. Don’t forget: You are judged by the company you keep.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
No. More. Wire. Hangers!!! Oh, sorry, Virgo, we were just channeling your organized side for a minute, not a crazed Joan Crawford. With Wednesday’s full moon lighting up your efficient sixth house, you could get a little, uh, fanatical neurotic perfectionistic about your systems. Just go with it. You’re as much of a packrat as you are a neat freak, so downsizing would be good for you. Keep what you love and Bib + Tuck the rest.

Whip your office into shape, too, as there could be a plum assignment coming within two weeks of the full moon. Don’t wait for it to “just appear.” Scout it out yourself! On Saturday, heavy Saturn wakes up from a four-month nap and speeds ahead in your communication sector until September 17. Your words carry weight over the next six weeks. Got a message to shout from the social media rooftops? Line up the tweets and ‘grams and ask your friends to help spread the word. Speaking of your amies, Saturn wants you to do some sorting here, too. Say buh-bye to the energy vampires and make space in your life for more mature options to roll in. Let substance win over style!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Is all drama bad? Not necessarily. This Wednesday’s full moon in your theatrical fifth house adds a generous dash of excitement and color to your world. You could meet people whose playful, passionate energy just buoys yours higher. No, they might not be the most STABLE souls, but as long as you keep them in the correct category, who cares? Tap into their vibes for creative inspiration — and use it as a secret permission slip to express yourself in a #nofilters kind of way. Like Libra Gwen Stefani, you can rock colors and quirky ‘dos without compromising an ounce of glamour.

A romantic situation reaches a steamy apex midweek, too. Bare your soul and let your feelings be known! Coupled Libras could even talk proposals and pregnancies. But before you get there, you might have to work through a lovers’ quarrel. Ready to get your money mojo back? Saturn lends a major boost after Saturday, snapping out of retrograde and plowing ahead through Scorpio and your financially savvy second house until September 17. This six-week period can help you make an important push in the profitable direction. No slacking, though! You may have one final test to pass with an important client or decision-maker before you can hit the REAL cash money zone. And stop trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Getting your budget in order creates the right foundation to attract more abundance.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
All is not quiet on the Scorpio front. With Wednesday’s full moon lighting up your domestic sector, you need to tend to matters under your roof. If you’re hoping to move, la luna lights the way to a dreamy listing. Since this full moon falls in the sign of communal Aquarius, make sure you scout out a neighborhood where your kindred spirits reside. You could kiss and make up with a difficult relative, too. But don’t skim over the issues that you actually need to discuss.

On Saturday, you’re back in the driver’s seat, Scorpio — and ready to race ahead through the final lap to victory! Taskmaster Saturn ends a four-plus month retrograde and powers ahead through your sign. Now, you’ll have Saturn’s muscle, discipline, and work ethic on your side to help you tie up loose ends and really establish a solid reputation for yourself. But we feel for you, too: You’ve hosted Saturn since October 2012, which has been a lot like cosmic boot camp for you poor Scorps. But you’re a stronger person for it, too! Just look at how you’ve grown since then. On September 17, Saturn will exit Scorpio until 2041, bringing major relief (#throwyourhandsintheair). Use the time until then to tie up loose ends. There may be some struggle and effort, but don’t quit five minutes (or six weeks) before the miracle!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Friends, foes, or frenemies? Wonder no more where to categorize people, Sagittarius. Wednesday’s full moon in your social networking sector reveals someone with BFF potential — and could illuminate a snake in the grass, too. Be merciful, but firm. If this person’s transgression was more than just an innocent mistake it’s better to evict ‘em from your inner circle than fire another warning shot. Remember: there are plenty of fish in the sea! Gloomy Saturn has been retrograde in your 12th house of subconscious since June 14, bringing some overcast spells to your summer days.

On Saturday, you embark on your next healing voyage — and those clouds WILL part. If you haven’t been introspective, maybe you’ve been an escapist, keeping yourself so busy that you didn’t have to deal with those areas of life you know you need to clean up. But Saturn’s U-turn on Saturday hands you the proverbial Dirt Devil, giving you the push you need to work through the pain and annoyance of unfinished business. Look to the future if it feels overwhelming. You have good reason to! On September 17, Saturn will head back into Sagittarius until December 19, 2017, giving you fuel for an ambitious ascent. And while hosting Saturn might feel like boot camp sometimes, you’ll also feel productive and inspired to make progress. Think of the next six weeks as a window for dealing with all the baggage that you DON’T want to drag along into the fall. Claim checks, please!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ca-ching! Making money is important to your success-driven sign, so you should be happy to hear that this Wednesday’s full moon turns your focus to finance. A challenging — but also exhilarating — opportunity could come your way at work. Step up to the plate! What you haven’t already mastered, you’ll learn along the way. Remember that being the leader doesn’t mean doing everything alone. Are you making the bank you want to? If not, what steps do you need to take to improve your cash flow? Sign on for training and development that bumps you to a higher pay grade. If you’ve been saving your pennies, la luna greenlights a luxe upgrade. Invest in quality, Capricorn, and think of this purchase as “building a collection” rather than wasting dough on replacements.

And don’t forget: When it comes to getting ahead, we all get by with a little help from our friends. On Saturday, your ruling planet Saturn flips out of retrograde mode and powers forward through your community zone until September 17. This six-week period will be stellar for networking and also solidifying key relationships with the killer connections you’ve already made. Prepare to work hard and prove your dedication if you want to reap the rewards. Got an idea for an app, online store, or crowdfunded venture? It would be worth exploring before the summer is through.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
When people tell you to “just be yourself!” Aquarius, you can tumble down a philosophical rabbit hole. What the f*** does that mean?! You are far too much of a multi-hyphenate to be pigeonholed into a single category. Honestly, fulfilling this directive is simple: Simply be who you feel like being in any given moment. And with Wednesday marking the annual full moon in Aquarius, how about turning up the volume on your personality (or should we say personalities) up to sonic boom level? Let the world taste the rainbow that is you.

And by all means, brag a little louder! Your hard work these past six months could win you major attention under this lunar light. You deserve to be celebrated, but you can’t wait around for people to discover you. On Saturday, there is happy news for your career as Saturn U-turns out of retrograde mode and rolls out the red carpet for your success. Over the coming six weeks, you could accomplish something major with a little bit of elbow grease. Or, you may finally figure out what the next step of the “what I want to do with my life” journey looks like. Men will be most helpful in this inquiry, so reach out to your boys for advice.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Done and dusted? As much as you want to hang on to hope, Pisces, sometimes you just have to let it go. This Wednesday’s full moon in Aquarius ignites your 12th house of transitions. Listen to the doctors: A clean break heals the fastest. It’s time to stop returning to that same old frustrating situation. Instead, focus on letting the proverbial DTs pass. Once you’ve gotten this out of your system, it will be “onwards and upwards” for you. But meeting up with that difficult person will not bring you “closure.”

The good news is by Saturday, you’ll really be ready to fixate on your future (as opposed to obsessing over the past.) Sound, stable Saturn ends a four-plus month retrograde and begins marching forward through your ninth house of expansion, spirituality, education, and travel. There’s a wide world out there, Pisces, and you’ll remember that again. But where do you want to make your mark next? To accomplish your soul purpose, you will need to study or gain more life experience. The coming six weeks could reveal the perfect outlet for your growth. Don’t think twice — just enroll!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Focus on those #squadgoals, Aries. This Wednesday’s full moon in your teamwork zone brings a shared mission to a successful milestone. As you raise your Champagne flute to the sky, have a keep-it-real moment with yourself: Have you outgrown this crew or is there further to go as a group? Over the next two weeks, you could part ways, giving yourself the opportunity to be the little fish in a bigger pond. Prioritize your own growth, even if it means making a tough choice.

Been flying solo for too long? You could FINALLY pinpoint the right teammates for a collaboration — not an easy feat for your selective sign. This full moon lights up your technology sector and could bring a lucky online connection. Click, like, and swipe and ye shall find. On Saturday, your mojo is rising! Stodgy Saturn snaps out of retrograde mode and powers forward through your sex sector (the eighth house) until September 17. Could the zodiac’s individualist be playing for keeps? It sure looks that way. A partnership could become permanent just in time for the cooling temps. Already attached? Make more time for togetherness — the quality time kind — to keep your bond alive.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready to elevate? Wednesday’s full moon in Aquarius sets your ambitious 10th house on fire. When it comes to your career, your mission is always simple: Just crush it. And this week, you could do just that — especially if you’ve been working hard since early 2015. Step into a leadership role or write out a job description to present to the higher-ups. The squeaking wheel gets the oil! Like Taurus #girlboss Sophia Amoruso, you could be inspired to start your own business. There could be some epic developments for enterprising bulls in the two weeks that follow the full moon.

Relationships — the one-on-one kind — have been kinda rocky since Saturn retrograded into your partnership house on June 14. Here’s some happy news: Saturn corrects its course and helps you get those dynamic duos back on track by September 17. But there’s always a sacrifice, challenge, or chore to contend with. You simply can’t coast through the issues now. You have to deal. Openly...and maybe with a couple’s therapist or mediator guiding you to a compromise. Be willing to give an inch and become a more compassionate listener, too. By mid-September, this will all be grist for the mill. Working through conflicts CAN make relationships stronger!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Roll the dice, Gemini! Wednesday’s full moon in your happy-go-lucky ninth house gives you the green light to take a gamble. When faced with options, opt for the road less traveled. And hey, even if you’re just exploring, it’s worth it to at least check out other possibilities. They might manifest later, but you’ll plant seeds now. Keep that Viber app open. An opportunity could flow in from afar — one that might even involve travel. Yep, Gemini, this is your week to be REALLY big in Europe, South America, Australia...Don’t let geography limit you. For the past few years, work has been a bit of a struggle — or at least a challenge. That’s because taskmaster Saturn has been slogging through Scorpio and your sixth house of vocation, forcing you to pay your dues.

Your energy hasn’t been at its peak, either, and Saturn may have brought some health hiccups. Take heart: On Saturday, Saturn ends a four-and-a-half month retrograde and plows ahead for its final three-month stretch through Scorpio. The rewards of your hard work ARE just over the horizon line, Gemini. Even if you can’t see them in perfect clarity now, keep on putting one foot in front of the other (on the treadmill or the corporate ladder). That doesn’t mean you have to put up with crappy situations. If it’s time to move on to a new gig, circulate your résumé, call the recruiters, and start shopping around. You could be more gainfully employed by the time Saturn exits Scorpio (until 2041) on September 17.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready, set, transform! This Wednesday’s full moon in Aquarius and your alchemical eighth house brings a gust of extreme makeover energy your way. The winds of change are a-blowin', Cancer, so stop hanging on to the past with your crab claws. What other people think of you is really irrelevant. If YOU want to shake it up, it’s your prerogative. So do. This sultry full moon brings sexy back, big time. Attraction that’s been bubbling in the background could evolve into a bona fide bodice-ripper. Just, err, get a room, okay? And maybe for more than just one steamy night.

On Saturday, stabilizing Saturn snaps out of retrograde and powers forward through Scorpio and your romance house until September 17. You’ve learned some tough lessons in love since Saturn first entered Scorpio in October 2012 — and maybe even got serious with one special soul. But you wouldn’t mind if your romantic life was a little bit (okay, a lot) lighter, too. Between Saturday and mid-September, you can lock down that lovin’ without shackling a lead weight to your soul. Break free of confining connections or change the terms so you feel more like a hot mama than Mommy Dearest.