You Can Now Buy A Robotic Twerking Butt

Photo: Courtesy Pornhub.
If your life isn't bootylicious enough, Pornhub has a solution for you: A robotic twerking buttocks. The company claims the bootie will set a "new benchmark in sexual stimulation." It could also set some sort of benchmark in twerking world record books, we imagine.

The $500 TwerkingButt, as it's aptly called, features six massage settings and another six rhythmic vibration settings. If you want endless twerking settings, you'll have to pony up $200 more for the deluxe version. You can control it with an included remote control or accompanying apps for both iOS and Android. It's also got a hole for penetration (naturally) and heats up to a human-feeling 98.6 degrees.

A virtual reality headset completes the experience, although it's unclear what sort of content will be available. 3D Pornhub videos, perhaps?

Miley, it looks like you've got major twerking competition here.