11 Times We Wished Tom Hanks Was Our Dad

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Tom Hanks is a national treasure. From his film roles to his TV appearances to that time he and wife Rita Wilson kissed at a basketball game, our world is better for having him in it. Now, imagine if he was your dad.

It’s a thought that’s absolutely crossed our minds. The man is 59, he’s in the same bracket as many of our biological parents, and he’s got the can-do attitude that makes him Ideal Dad material. (Which isn’t to slight our actual dads, but let’s face it: Even they wish Tom Hanks was their dad.) So let’s indulge and give into the magic of the man who helped coin “There’s a snake in my boots,” and let’s embrace a reality we’ll never actually know to be true.

Check out the 11 times we wished Tom Hanks was our dad.
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1. When he showed up in a Carly Rae Jepsen video

It was a match made in heaven: First, a new Carly Rae Jepsen song; then, T-Hanks dancing around NYC as if filming the opening scene of a You’ve Got Mail follow-up. (Pause to remember that 1998 treasure.) But to be honest, the best part is how it all came about: During dinner with Jepsen’s manager, Hanks learned that the singer was looking for a male lead to lip sync and lead the brigade. So the actor piped up: “Why don’t you guys ever ask me?” Best dad ever.
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2. When he taped an Emmy to the hood of his car

Some dads do knock-knock jokes. Others take the Emmy they won for Outstanding Miniseries or TV Movie (for Game Change in 2012) and tape it to the hood of their Lincoln car, in an effort to make it look more like a Rolls Royce.
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3. When he and Rita Wilson properly utilized the Kiss Cam

At an L.A. Kings game on a beautiful night in 2013, Tom Hanks proved love is still real when he and Rita Wilson (his wife of 27 years) did what anybody caught on the Kiss Cam should do: Kiss adorably and make us believe that marriage can last. We love you, mom and dad.
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4. When he became the ultimate hockey dad

As a Canadian, I can vouch for the importance of a father who’s willing to go out on a limb and fight for his right to argue a ref’s decision. Enter: Tom Hanks, who insisted the refs call Toronto at a 2013 Kings game to determine whether or not LA’s Justin Williams scored against Calgary. He did, but the Flames ended up taking the game, 2-1.
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5. When he revisited his complete filmography

Tom Hanks shaped so many of our lives. So imagine our surprise and delight when, three decades into an illustrious acting career, he teamed up with James Corden this spring and re-enacted each and every movie role.
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6. When he took on Toddlers & Tiaras

This will actually be the clip we use to anchor our next post, XX Times We Wish Tom Hanks Was Our Stage Dad. Stay tuned.
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7. When he gave Mila Kunis some parenting advice

After Mila Kunis sang the praises of motherhood at the start of this year, Tom Hanks piped up to offer the secret to a happy marriage (don’t talk about the kids during sex), raising four kids (again, don’t talk about the kids during sex), and the realities of being a dad (“It’s like being caffeine-deprived for 18 years”). Real talk, Hanks style. Improved only by the mental picture of him babysitting for Mila and Ashton Kutcher.
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8. When he talked about his Christmas traditions

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Ellen sitting in a very comfy-looking velvet chair. This moment was the stuff of Christmas and familial dreams. We were granted access to the Wilson-Hanks holiday traditions, and informed that the only thing he and Rita fight about is who loves each other more. Which is what we all tend to fight about: Which one of us loves Tom Hanks more.
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9. When he told a joke that didn’t impress Sarah Jessica Parker

Or so we assume, because that’s the only reason there is to throw shade at Tom Hanks. Well that, and the fact Hanks’ LA Kings were playing against SJP’s Rangers in an intense game this past March, which prompted a faux rivalry. Either way, that’s our dad.
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10. When he staged the best photo op

Like the best kind of dad, Tom Hanks is willing and able to make the true star of the photo (anyone who is posing next to him) look like a million bucks. In this case, he played straight man to a teen’s “belligerently drunk guy.” And he probably bought him that pizza, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tom Hanks.
11. When he tweets, in general

Few of our parents have come to utilize Twitter, which is a fact many of us celebrate. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.) But Tom Hanks is the exception to the rule: In addition to signing off each tweet with HANX — which should be the name of a restaurant should he ever choose to open one — he tweets boldly, hilariously, and with purpose. Also, he totally helped us personify a leather glove. Which is a skill I think only a dad can have.
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