R29's Favorite 4th Of July Movies

Looking for some entertainment this July Fourth? Maybe you need a little respite from all of the day's frolicking and BBQs. Or maybe just a refreshing blast of AC and a comfortable sit on your rump. The Refinery29 team has just movie suggestions for you.

Not all of these flicks are directly related to the holiday, though. Some just give us warm and fuzzy feelings about this country. (Naturally, Independence Day is included.) So get yourself to the screen of your choice, grab yourself a burger, and settle in for a patriotic viewing party. Just be sure to leave the fireworks outside.
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The Sandlot (1993)
Sure, you could go outside and watch the fireworks, but would they really compare to watching the scene from The Sandlot in which the boys play their night game under those colorful lights?
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Miss Firecracker (1989)
This tale of a misfit beauty pageant actually takes place on July Fourth, definitely making it an appropriate choice. Based on a play by Beth Henly, the movie also features an excellent (on so many levels) routine to "The Star-Spangled Banner" from star Holly Hunter.
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Jaws (1975)
Look, there's probably a reason you're sitting inside watching movies and not at the beach, and that reason is probably because you've seen Jaws at least once in your lifetime. Remind yourself of your wise decisions by watching the terror of Amity Island from your couch.
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All the President’s Men (1976)
There’s nothing more patriotic than holding government accountable. That’s why following Woodward and Bernstein, played by the perfect Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, as they expose the Watergate scandal, is an ideal way to spend the holiday.
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Dick (1999)
All The President's Men too serious for you? Try this funny, fictionalized version of the same story starring Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams. (Bonus: The comedy also stars Dan Hedaya, Cher's dad from Clueless, as President "Dick" Nixon.)
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Independence Day (1996)
Nothing says America like Will Smith kicking alien ass.
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Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
Look, we can't promise you an entirely good time if you pop in Oliver Stone's anti-Vietnam War movie starring Tom Cruise, but we can promise you a good piece of cinema. The title alone necessitated its inclusion.
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The American President (1995)
The holiday may be a great time to start your West Wing binge, but if that's too daunting an undertaking, we recommend getting your Aaron Sorkin (and Martin Sheen) fix with a viewing of The American President.
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Born Yesterday (1950)
If you want to watch a great rom-com that also feels thematically relevant, try Born Yesterday, a classic starring Judy Holliday. You will fall in love with William Holden and America.
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Magic Mike (2012)
The first Magic Mike is, in part, about American striving, but we're not really talking about that. We're talking about Matthew McConaughey, shirtless, in an Uncle Sam hat.
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Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
The James Cagney movie about the life of songwriter George M. Cohan — who wrote the titular tune — will inevitably play on Turner Classic Movies July 4. (As will some other movies on this list.) Don't let the black-and-white palette discourage you from this showbiz story, though.
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Dave (1993)
Dave features Kevin Kline playing dual roles as the president and a presidential lookalike, who stands in for the real one when he falls sick. It's behind-the-scenes political intrigue gone wacky.
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Sure, plenty of superhero movies are allegories for America. But on July Fourth, we recommend you watch the one about the hero whose name actually says "America."
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1776 (1972)
July Fourth is, after all, a historical date, not just an excuse for ingesting excessive amounts of hot dogs. Spend some time with our country's singing founding fathers, and spend the rest of the summer trying to get "Sit Down, John" out of your head.
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A League of Their Own (1992)
Everyone sing with us now: "We're the members of the All-American League/ We come from cities near and far/ We've got Canadians, Irishmen, and Swedes/ We're all for one, we're one for all, we're all American!" Yeah, that's the way to spend July Fourth.
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