Your Horoscope For This Week — Jul 05 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Move over, Khaleesi. This week is the mother of all dragons — at least in the beginning. Monday, the ego-driven sun tangles into a Meereenese Knot with plotting, secretive Pluto. Oh yes, there will be power struggles. Hidden agendas. Complex motives. Make no assumptions early this week, because nothing will be what it seems. Then again, there’s something quite seductive about all this esoteric intrigue. Unraveling a mystery could become an obsession — but one that might just have a happy ending. (Take that as you will.)

On Wednesday, messenger Mercury cools those fiery flames, nestling in watery Cancer until July 24. Let’s try a little tenderness now, stargazers. The heart-opening vibes of this Mercury phase reminds us to take better care of one another. There are other ways to get to the top than digging our statement heels in other people’s backs! This is an ideal time for connecting to old friends and family and taking on short-term home improvement projects. Bring on the paint rollers and potting soil!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Ain’t no half-stepping! On Monday, the Cancer sun faces off with powerhouse Pluto, motivating you to a spruce up your image. There’s also a quarter moon in your career corner this week, spurring professional developments. What other people think of you DOES matter — to an extent. You want to make the best possible impression, in the name of getting ahead. Represent like a pro, but don’t sacrifice your personal style and creativity in the process. There will be a tendency to swing too far to the opposite extreme, giving other people too much control.

You need to keep some edge and originality, too — that’s what also makes you a standout star. Fortunately, messenger Mercury makes his annual stopover to your sign from Wednesday until July 24. There’s no shushing you during this cosmic phase; in fact, you’ll be far more outspoken than usual. Temper, temper: minor infractions can get under your skin with Mercury in your sign, causing you to combust at inopportune moments. What’s really likely to be ticking you off: Waiting around — or making sacrifices — for other people. Take a break from playing social organizer. You’ll enjoy your own company most of all for the rest of July.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Living on the edge again, Leo? Early this week, the swashbuckling sun faces off with danger-junkie Pluto, giving you a sense of false confidence. It’s one thing to take a calculated risk, but don’t go hurtling yourself headlong into the unknown. Run the background checks, get the facts verified, and ask all the necessary questions before giving your final decision. Whether you bow out or move forward, you want to make sure that you’ve covered your own back. Hire a lawyer to review any contracts or offers that come your way. Warning: clarity will not come overnight. A murky Mercury phase begins on Wednesday as the messenger planet slips into sleep mode in your 12th house until July 24. If the summer blues strike, reach out for support. Going deeper in conversations (instead of pretending “Everything’s great!”) is the way out of that dark tunnel. Share from the heart: You’ll know who your real friends are by the time the month is through.

On the bright side, Mercury in the 12th house can spark a creative renaissance. While reality is suspended for a few weeks, let your imagination take the lead. In addition to songwriting and Japanese brush painting, the next few weeks are optimal for starting a meditation and yoga practice or squeezing in some heart-healing sessions with a great therapist. Relax, relate, release!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Healthy competition is one thing, Virgo. But early this week, the dynamics could verge on cutthroat terrain. With the sun and Pluto locking horns on Monday, you’ll need to watch your own bloodthirsty tendencies. If “life imitates art” begins to mimic a Game Of Thrones showdown, it’s going to be up to YOU to dial back the Khaleesi. That will be much easier after Wednesday, when social Mercury moves into your team-spirited 11th house until July 24. Could your arch nemesis become your dream collaborator? Miracles CAN happen. If nothing else, you could come to some sort of agreement about who covers what turf.

This three-week Mercury phase gets your digital dreams in motion. Got designs on creating an Etsy store, selling downloadable products like music, podcasts, or e-courses? Maybe you want to give Lohanthony a run for his YouTube superstar status. Get plans in motion — or, at the very least, revise your social media profiles to reflect the personal upgrades you’ve made since early 2015. Success-wise, it’s all about who you know. Go forth on a networking spree and flood your contact database with fascinating and successful friends.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

You’ve got a heart of gold, Libra. But early this week, be a little more selective upon whom you bestow BFF status. Let people earn your trust before handing them the keys to your queendom. As you draw a tighter radius around your inner circle, you may realize that a few of the insiders — relatives, BFFs, loyal supporters — have been getting the short end of the stick. Remedy that, STAT, with some bona fide gratitude. Spring for brunch, send flowers or hand-written thank you cards. Little, personal touches go a long way. On Wednesday, your ambitious nature takes the wheel as Mercury moves into your career zone until July 24th. Resist those summer distractions and focus on your grandest goals. There’s no reason you can’t have a work-from-pool day. Just bring the noise-cancelling headphones to avoid the tempting cries of “Marco...Polo!” while you’re trying to wrap up a proposal.

Men will be the star players of this Mercury phase. Make a point of socializing with the guys more often this July, specifically the ones who can help you get ahead. Having trouble compromising with your romantic interest? Wednesday’s quarter moon helps you strike a happy medium, with both of you giving up your stubborn stances. Single Libras like to take things slowly, but pick up the pace a little so your hot pursuer doesn’t lose motivation for the chase.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Liberated Scorpio, did you take the whole Independence Day thing a little too far last weekend? On Monday, your cosmic ruler Pluto clashes with the sun, reminding you that yes, people who need people may indeed be the luckiest people in the world. While it’s fine to be a free spirit, touch base with your inner circle — if for no other reason than to let them know that you’ve got life handled just fine, thanks. But watch out for the guilt trips! You’ve also spoiled a few of your loved ones and now they are expecting you to keep on making sacrifices for them. Be honest about your new (and improved) boundaries.

With Mercury heading into your autonomous, adventurous ninth house from Wednesday until July 24, you’ll be needing more “me time” than usual. To allay their fears of abandonment, put actual plans on the calendar. Aim for quality over quantity, so you can leave yourself enough time to roam as you want to. This three-week Mercury phase is an ideal time for a vacation — the further from home, the better. Go fulfill that European backpacking dream or couchsurf across the U.S.A. to reconnect with friends from back in the day. You’d even enjoy a road trip with camping. Nature refreshes your internal browser this week...and for the rest of July.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Big deal money decisions are on the table for Archers this week. Think VERY carefully before, say, quitting a stable day job to pursue the freelance life. Or, uh drawing a bank loan, putting a larger purchase on a credit card, or hitting your parents up for an I.O.U. Is this investment truly going to bring an R.O.I.? Work from facts, not fantasy. Do you have clients locked and loaded or another revenue stream? Map out an actual repayment plan with regular installments to ensure that any cash you withdraw can be returned in a sane window of time — one that won’t damage your credit score or family relationships. If nothing else, you could start saving up so that you can use actual cash money to fulfill your dream later in the year.

On Wednesday, expressive Mercury slips into your eighth house, a.k.a. the chamber of secrets. While you’re usually an open book, you’ll want to keep your personal business under lock and key between now and July 24. Even if you CAN trust people with your sacred confessions, you just won’t be in the mood to explain yourself now. Give yourself time to process your emotions on your own — or with a helpful therapist — before involving your friends in your decision-making process. This Mercury cycle brings sexy back, too. A relationship could deepen — or divide. It’s all or nothing for you this July, so tell the slackers to beat it!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

As much as you love being half of a couple, there’s a certain amount of pressure that comes along with relationships. Pressure that you put on yourself, that is. As the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, you want to nail the long game in love — but this can actually make you into a people-pleasing stressbasket who is so fixated on the future that you forget to enjoy the romance of the moment. Aiiiiigh! Just. Breathe. On Monday, the sultry sun faces off with penetrating Pluto in Capricorn reminding you to take your own needs and happiness into account. You could totally hit a wall, feeling waves of WTF resentment bubble up for the lack of appreciation coming your way. Hang on: You don’t need to confront people about their oversights, Capricorn. You need to start doing less and asking for more. Remember that it’s your job to set the pace and to create healthy limits by saying no when you need to.

With communicative Mercury moving into your cooperative seventh house from Wednesday through July 24, you’ll have an easier time bringing balance to your most important bonds. Supportive new friends could show up or you could find the perfect collaborators who can pick up where you leave off. This Mercury phase marks a bright chapter for your love life too. Be more candid about what you desire — a vision board of your dream scenario can help you manifest.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Summon those spirit animals, Aquarius. The week is off to a soulful start as the sun sits across from mystical, penetrating Pluto. Tap into the intuitive part of your brain instead of taking everything at face value. Meditate quietly, or while moving with a Monday yoga class or a run in the park. In silence, you can hear the wisdom of your own soul. Just don’t be SO “rainbows and unicorns” that you ignore the red flags waving in your face. While you may want to believe that there is good in all people (and we’re not saying it’s untrue), the self-destructive and damaged ones can only save themselves. Be supportive, but not codependent. Stepping back a little might just make space for miracles. Hello, boundaries!

On Wednesday, messenger Mercury grooves into Cancer and your sixth house of healthy living until July 24. You could become obsessed with a new fitness regime, downloading every title written on holistic healing and clean eating to your Kindle. Get your blood pumping with outdoor activity, like sailing or beach volleyball. Work could be a bit more demanding for the rest of July. Stay organized and consider outsourcing or enlisting an intern if you’re overloaded.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

It’s an IDGAF kind of week for you, Pisces, as a sun-Pluto opposition encourages you to screen out the critics. Cliché as it sounds, they really ARE just jealous. If you waste time worrying about what they’re tweeting, you’ll be thrown off your game. Focus on being the best YOU that you can be. The cream always rises to the top. And as you hit your confident stride, you might want to take your talents to a larger audience. Book gigs, gallery shows, or go after job opportunities that allow your native gifts to shine.

On Wednesday, expressive Mercury heads into your flamboyant and romantic fifth house until July 24, calling out the starlet in you a little more. Perform, present, or take on more leadership in your everyday life. People will eagerly follow your cues. And how about a fun summer style update: Unicorn hair, sleeve tattoos...or maybe just more colorful statement pieces. Turn up the volume on your personal style and enjoy turning heads. Romantically, you’ll be a lot more assertive with Mercury here. Take the helm in affairs of the heart, going from passive to pursuer — or laying a sexy breadcrumb trail to lead your love interest straight into your bed. Rawr! Already attached? Talks could turn to “next steps.” Some Pisces could even get engaged or preggers before the month is through.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Sorry to report, but it’s not exactly going to be a “let your hair down” kinda week, Aries. On Monday, the sun faces off with intense, power-hungry Pluto. Get your shit together — before anyone else has a chance to sneak up and gain the leading edge. If a group plan is floundering, don’t wait to be elected leader. Pop on the captain’s hat and organize, delegate, and assign duties to the troops. But be careful not to take things so personally — especially at work. Dissolving into tears at the office isn’t exactly your M.O., but your temper could flare up and get the best of you. Take a cooldown coffee break before firing off an incendiary email or burning bridges with a boardroom rant.

On Wednesday, expressive Mercury heads into Cancer and your emo fourth house until July 24. Try a little tenderness, would ya, Ram? Your sentimental side will make a cameo allowing you to deepen bonds with your inner circle. Focus on family, female friendships, and people you can trust to have your back on an off day. An established woman, impressed by your visionary skills, could draw you under her wing. There’s also a quarter moon in Aries on Wednesday, which allows you to find your equilibrium. Dial down the drama and pump up the volume on your proactivity and passion. In the second half of the week, aim to make a lasting impression on people — without coming on too strong.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

You’re not exactly long on patience as the week kicks off. On Monday, the feisty sun clashes with intense, bristly Pluto. Following the rules and other people’s agendas? That’s going to be a tough one. But your rebellious attitude and candid commentary could decimate an ally. Forget about shooting from the hip on Monday or you could wind up shooting yourself in the foot. The static clears up on Wednesday, when messenger Mercury heads into your third house of cooperation and communication until July 24. Synergies strike up at every turn, and you could go full-force with a collaborative project. Hello, silver tongued devil! You could sell Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccinos to a Starbucks' barista after hump day, so get out there and work it.

Revamp your commuter plan, too. Are you tired of carving chunks out of your paycheck for gas and tolls? Set up a ride share, review public transportation options, or swap the Hummer for a hybrid. Action heats up on the local scene, too. Get more involved in your neighborhood’s events. A business owner might be keen to team up and host a weekly trivia night, wine tasting, or dance party at your suggestion. Either way, you’re in your social element for the next three weeks. Let the summer fun commence!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.

Possessive much, Gemini? The green-eyed monster makes an unceremonious appearancenear Monday—and why yes, you are overreacting. Consider this your warning shot: when jealousy bubbles up, remove all blunt objects from your hands and go take a walk. Even if your envy IS justified, address the issue when cooler heads prevail. Money matters could get rather complex on early this week, so think twice before generously offering a loaner—or hitting a friend up for a couple hundred bucks. There’s too much emotional energy swirling around finances early this week and you could wind up feeling resentful or controlled. Don’t let the lines between business and pleasure blur too much, either. Keep it strictly professional, even if you’re feeling the crackle of attraction with a client or coworker. In every arena, willpower is where it’s at!

Your financial forecast brightens beautifully from Wednesday until July 24, as messenger Mercury cruises through your money house. Put your feelers out, whether it’s a new job or a promotion from within that you’re after. The opportunity could come straight from your social network — good reason to attend a party that’s packed with influencers or even post a status update letting your friends know what you’re looking for from your next gig. Polish up your online presence, too. With a quarter moon in your tech-savvy 11th house, make it easy for people to find the RIGHT information about you from a Google search — and take down racy photos and ranting posts that could come back to haunt you.